Powerful technology and expert support increase comfort, efficiency and sustainability

Building automation systems are the foundation of modern building energy management. Intelligent, technology connects HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems, enabling them to be managed on a single platform and providing the information you need to enhance your occupants’ comfort, safety and productivity.

OpenBlue Services optimise BAS and Controls performance through digital technology. Data gathered from the integrated building systems is analysed using advanced analytics and AI. Performance and efficiency are measured, allowing the identification of areas needing improvement and ways to fine-tune operation for peak efficiency and sustainability. Analysis also allows issues to be detected and addressed proactively, before they can affect the operation of your facility.

Johnson Controls technician using a tablet with HVAC equipments in the background

Extend Asset Life and Lower Cost of Ownership

Monitoring and real-time trend analysis helps run systems within recommended ranges, allow the detection of degrading performance and help predict potential failures. Repairs can be scheduled and made proactively, avoiding disruptive downtime and expensive unplanned repairs. Heading off issues before they happen, or can grow, helps prevent problems from spreading and preserve your equipment. Scheduled maintenance programmes tailored to your facility are designed to keep your systems running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

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Increase Energy Savings and Sustainability

Digitally enabled solutions and advisory services help ensure that systems help you meet your objectives. We’ll help you identify - and implement - steps to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on tenant comfort, health or safety.

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Reduce the Burden on Your Staff

Centrally located experts and local technicians collaborate to assess your BAS and controls system performance. We review status for you via online tools and dashboards, alert you of any anomalies, and share recommendations for improving operations. If an issue arises, cloud-based diagnostics, analytics and AI enable faster diagnosis and resolution with fewer service calls. The burden of monitoring systems, analysing performance, coordinating service calls and creating operational reports is greatly reduced, freeing up the facility team to focus on other priorities.

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A male and a female Johnson Controls technician using a laptop, overlaid with a graphic of transmission nodes in the backgroound

OpenBlue Services

Increase safety, efficiency, and comfort with advanced data insight and expertise.

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A female Johnson Controls technician using a tablet, overlaid with a graphic of transmission nodes in the backgroound

Connected Equipment Gateway

By checking in regularly with your connected chiller dashboard, you can stay right up to date with the operational health of the chillers that are so critical to your business.

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Optimising Chiller Performance

OpenBlue chillers are designed for energy efficiency and optimisation, with real-time metrics for management and maintenance.

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Ensuring Security Device Performance

Johnson Controls ensures security device performance through fully operational and compliant OpenBlue Services.

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