Acute Mental Health Inpatient Centre, Belfast City Hospital

Case Study

Johnson Controls provide integrated Nurse Call System for Belfast Hospital

Johnson Controls worked closely with the NHS to design and install an integrated combined Nurse Call with Portable Staff Attack / Real Time Location System.

The design brief was to provide the safest possible solution for patients and staff alike. It was important the hospital partnered with a company that was flexible enough to successfully implement the system and then provide on-going support over a longer term. As well meeting high security standards in respect of the integrity of the platforms and patient/staff interfacing components, it was also important that day-to-day staff workflows were facilitated by the system.

Here is a breakdown of the system installed:

Bedroom Components

  • Trust wide usable keyswitch (Normal / Isolate / Reset)
  • Reminder alerts if bed keyswitch is left in an isolate position
  • Rugged stainless steel construction with security screws
  • Secure anti-ligature WC pull cords
  • In-bedroom near field staff detection
  • In-bathroom microwave staff detection

Security Grade Over-Door Lights

  • Unique customisable colour combinations
  • Safe follow-me mode to direct security to where they are needed
  • Individually monitored secure lamp segments
  • Toughened stainless steel security covers
  • High-intensity rich colours
  • Fully synchronised HTM compliant tone sounds

Ultra-Safe Real-Time Location Badges

  • Staff-safe LF near field detection (Signal cannot be blocked)
  • Detection of entry/exit into/out of rooms
  • RF incorporated for additional peace of mind
  • Two user-definable buttons incorporated
  • Photo ID holder
  • Automatic low battery warnings
  • Reduced transmission rate to preserve battery life

Rules to Enhance Security

  • Staff alarm generated if bed key switch left in isolate position
  • Lights illuminate route to staff in danger when staff attack mode triggered
  • High granularity solution for precise location reporting
  • Staff timer reminder alert if bed key switch left in isolate
  • Audible/graphical real time location display

Super Safe Network

  • Fully decentralised system – No single point of failure
  • Redundancy feature to allow calls from both networks to be shown on both sets of displays in the same zone.
  • System redundancy
  • High integrity fan-less 24hr servers
  • Secure remote access facility

Flexible Future Upgrade Options

  • Inter-departmental speech option
  • Asset tagging to allow fast location of key equipment
  • Asset software to lower inventory costs
  • Automatic staff-to-patient response time software
  • Patient wristbands featuring tamper alerts
  • Lone worker man-down tags

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