Renewable Solutions

A proven path to carbon reduction

A powerful path with lasting impact

Operations leaders striving for carbon reduction, cash generation and energy resiliency for their buildings will achieve these with our Renewable Solutions. We start by designing an end-to-end strategy that supports your facility’s unique needs and goals, and then work with you to implement proven solutions. The result: optimised, decarbonised and resilient buildings that operate sustainability in every sense of the word.

A renewable generation of buildings

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Trusted renewables advice

We infuse every renewables strategy with decades of innovation and up-to-the-minute expertise on energy industry outlook, climate policy and regulation.

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Comprehensive carbon reduction

A smooth transition to renewable energy requires thoughtful management of a broader power portfolio, including on-site distributed energy resources (DERs) and procurement of off-site, grid-scale solutions.

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Operational cost savings

Optimisation measures span energy procurement, risk management and asset flexibility to reduce costs, maximising incentives for renewable projects.

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Energy resiliency

Peace of mind comes with true power resiliency. Energy management tools maximise facility uptime to protect critical operations and ensure the safety and comfort of everyone.

Renewable Solutions

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More than $79 million in savings over 20 years

In 2015, Hawai’i became the first state to commit to achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. And the University of Hawai’i is leading the way, in a far-reaching partnership with Johnson Controls.

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Renewable solutions come full circle

As sustainability efforts shift from casual to critical, the way we power our buildings is changing. Integrating renewable solutions is key to achieving net zero emissions, an eminent challenge facility managers face today.

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A complete range of Renewable Solutions for your business

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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)​

Quickly and easily lower your scope 2 carbon emissions from purchased electricity​.

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Carbon offsets

Offset hard to abate scope 1 and 3 carbon emissions from your operations with verified offsets​.

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Utility green tariffs and community solar

Source renewable energy from local utility programmes in regulated markets with limited choice​.

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Retail renewable supply

Simplify a grid-scale power purchase agreement (PPA) by procuring renewable energy with your retail supply​.

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PPAs and virtual PPAs

Access new build, grid-scale renewable energy while managing your exposure to energy market price risk​.

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Battery storage

Reduce electric expense, increase resiliency and improve onsite solar returns​.

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

Support transportation electrification and decarbonization​.

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Onsite solar

Lower your carbon emissions and energy costs, and realise long-term price certainty​.

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Demand response

Earn cash by adjusting energy use when requested by the grid​.

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Leading by example

We have pledged to drive our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to net zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of goals set out in the Paris Agreement, and to get to 100% renewable energy by then as well.

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Driving towards a net zero campus with Renewable Solutions

Johnson Controls installed a 23-acre solar farm with battery storage that supplies 12 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. Solar panels provide 100% net solar production for the campus and Colourado State University, Pueblo, has far exceeded three of the four greening government goals, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy management and renewable energy.

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Delivering savings with an integrated approach

The University of Hawai‘i Maui College is partnering with Johnson Controls to combine solar power with battery-distributed energy storage. Additional installations at other campuses will save the system $79 million over 20 years.

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