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At Johnson Controls, we’re in the business of creating healthier, more productive building environments for people around the world. As a result, we deliver energy savings, operational savings, and sustainable solutions that make an impact on a global scale. We can improve every aspect of your operation: modernising the equipment and systems in your facilities, deploying technology that increases productivity, optimising your entire water utility, and implementing renewable energy systems to cut carbon emissions. We call it Building Efficiency. You'll call it a smart way to improve your facilities and empower the people within.

Energy-Efficient Technology

We offer a broad portfolio of products engineered for efficiency and reduced energy usage.

Optimal Building Performance

We can help improve every aspect of your operation by bringing systems together and optimising them.

Expertise, Maintenance, and Service

Johnson Controls provides expert knowledge and design, as well as ongoing maintenance and service, so your systems work as intended.

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Johnson Controls' intelligent Smart Connected Chillers and Condition Based Monitoring services find and fix small issues before they became big problems that hit your productivity and your pocket.

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Integrated Reliability for Today and Tomorrow

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New Construction

From design and planning to installation, we can help you decide on the best fit from a wide range of approaches.

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Retrofit Equipment

Whether you’re replacing equipment at a system or component level, we offer a range of options.

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Service and Maintenance

Our technicians offer the best service in the industry and our accessories and components offer the form, fit, and functionality you need.

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A Broad Portfolio of Equipment

Create a more comfortable and sustainable building environment while reducing energy consumption and emissions.
Heat Pumps
We are at the forefront of the technological revolution to design, manufacture, install, and service ultra-energy efficient heat pumps.
Air Handling and Terminal Units
By driving the efficient flow of air through the entire building, our products deliver healthy, comfortable, productive environments.
Packaged and Ducted Systems
Meet your light to large commercial system needs with configurable options and a range of efficiency choices.
Split System Air Conditioning
Smart split systems deliver simplicity, efficiency, and long-term reliability.
Variable Refrigerant Flow
VRF Systems deliver optimal comfort and are among the most efficient HVAC systems available.
Accessories and Components
We offer a diverse selection of key components engineered to fit your unique application.

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