Next-generation Solutions to Enable Centralised Fire Detection Management

Johnson Controls offer true peer to peer functionality within our fire detection network solutions. This provides tremendous flexibility in design and configuration, and helps ensure that there is no single point of failure to bring the network down.

Networks can be created using a wide range of cable types or fibre optics.

The fire detection networks supplied by Johnson Controls supports the addition of our Emergency Management System and Graphical User Interface. The system provides annunciation, status display and control for the fire detection network, either to a single workstation or multiple stations.

The Graphical User Interface utilises a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text, voice messages and video input to display events and create actions for the operator. The system is a user-friendly windows-based platform that can effectively simplify the operator’s actions, thereby saving valuable time in an emergency.


No central server needed, therefore no single point of failure.


Manage all your systems more easily from powerful graphical consoles.


Better coordinate systems and responses.

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