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Clean air and healthier spaces ensure greater productivity and enable companies to deliver on their business objectives. Any investment in air quality is also an investment in employee wellness and energy savings. Office space utilisation is currently at 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels and 74 percent of businesses plan on maintaining a hybrid work environment. Organisations must create a comfortable and productive workplaces.

With OpenBlue Enterprise Manager we’re creating world-class spaces and experiences that engage tenants, attracts and retains talent, boosts health and increase occupant productivity.

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Improve Utilisation of Real Estate and Amenities

Gather data and adjust accordingly

You can improve space utilisation by monitoring occupancy and equipment usage, thereby improving your ROI. By understanding and analysing how workspaces are being utilised, you can aid future space planning and improve occupancy comfort using data. For example, patterns can be used to repurpose meeting space, or janitorial optimisation through use of demand-based cleaning.

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Improve Occupant Wellness and Productivity

Manage indoor air quality (IAQ)

Indoor air quality can be improved through data and analytics that identify air quality issues in specific spaces, thus improving comfort and productivity of building occupants. You can monitor CO2 levels, air changes per hour (ACH), and particulate matter to manage risk. Our products offer customer IAQ reports and use sensor selection criteria ecosystems to enable clear air outcomes.

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Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Get insights and action items for building compliance

Regulatory and certification needs must be met, which is why we support standing and custom reporting which can improve space value and leasing rates. Automated monitoring for proactive compliance measures can reduce reliance on manual rounds and readings to balance energy savings with assurance of healthy indoor air quality.

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Track, manage and report your building’s and portfolio’s space performance

 Your first step to track, manage and report your building’s and portfolio’s space performance. Measure and understand building utilization to drive your operational improvements and long term real estate savings.

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Zero-trust cybersecurity

Leading active security in all our products. Security is designed into all our products – Johnson Controls hardware, software and hosted services. We work with expert partners in government and industry to maintain our customers’ compliance with regulations and build their resilience against the increasing number and range of cyber threats.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

 OpenBlue Enterprise Manager gathers and analyses building data to assess its environmental health and building systems efficiency. It flags critical issues for action and provides recommendations to improve energy efficiency, optimize space use and health, and equipment performance.  

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager solutions for Space, Wellbeing, & Productivity

Take the first step in measuring, monitoring, and reporting on your real estate portfolio’s space performance and air quality — and discover the new standard for easy, accurate compliance reporting.

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Workplace Advisor - Space

Your first step to measure, monitor and report on your portfolio’s space performance 

Measure and understand building utilisation to drive long-term real estate savings and improved building operations

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Workplace Advisor - Indoor Air Quality

Your first step to a healthier environment

Measure, monitor and report indoor air quality to boost health and increase productivity.

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Critical Environments Advisor

The new standard for easy, accurate compliance reporting

Monitor temperature, pressure and humidity for operating theatres, labs, pharma freezers and other critical spaces automatically.

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FM:Systems Products and Solutions

Finding ways to make buildings more productive, efficient, sustainable, and predictive. FM:Systems is now part of Johnson Controls. Learn more about FM:Systems products and solutions that create a new class of healthy building.

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Privacy by design

Privacy plays an essential role in everything we do, especially the data that is produced within the building. We have a privacy by design philosophy, which means our commitment to maintaining our customers’ privacy and providing world-class data protection underpins the design of all products and services.

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Insights on Space, Wellbeing, & Productivity

One Albert Quay designed to Gold LEED standard

 Our global headquarters is a LEED gold certified building leading by example with effective space utilisation, minimised energy consumption and optimised equipment performance.
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The role of IAQ in occupant health and performance

 Leveraging the right technologies to manage IAQ can mean better occupant wellbeing, energy savings, and increased ROI.
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OpenBlue Companion

Productivity is enhanced when people feel empowered and comfortable. The Companion app understands your unique building spaces. It allows you to work your way, automate what you shouldn’t have to think about, and apply relevant smart building data to the pursuit of your business mission.

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Energy, Efficiency & Sustainability

Discover digital solutions that accelerate your carbon reduction progress by tracking, reducing, and controlling your energy use with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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Operational Efficiency & Equipment Performance

Your gateway to smart facility management with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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OpenBlue Services

Flexible, digitally enabled services that scale to your building, operating style and budget.


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Performance Advisory

Get the most out of OpenBlue Enterprise Manager with expert insights and support to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and savings with this add-on service.

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