Fire Sprinkler Systems For The Ultimate Building Safety

A Comprehensive Range of Fire Sprinklers and Accessories to Meet Your Needs

At Johnson Controls, we offer an extensive range of top-of-the-line fire sprinklers and accessories designed to protect your commercial and industrial properties. 

With our diverse portfolio, including specialised sprinkler systems for cold storage, you can be confident that we have the perfect fire detection and suppression solution tailored for you.

Why Choose Our Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Broad Sprinkler Portfolio

We cater to a wide range of customer needs; whether you require a light commercial sprinkler system, a solution for cold storage, or something unique for your facility — we have you covered.

Expert Support

Our dedicated support team, backed by expert training, will guide you through your sprinkler system's design, installation, and long-term servicing, ensuring your peace of mind.


Your safety is our priority, and with a world-class fire sprinkler system from Johnson Controls, you know that your people and property are safe.

An Irreplaceable Fire Suppression Solution

Fire suppression systems are crucial for controlling and extinguishing building fires to maintain safety and save both lives and possessions.

Fire sprinklers are a brilliant tool in your fire suppression system, releasing water from above to prevent and limit damage. These lifesaving sprinklers are a highly cost-effective method of fire suppression when compared to some alternatives.

The Benefits Of Using Fire Sprinklers

Thanks to their rapid and effective response, using sprinklers in your building can help minimise damage should the worst happen. There are many benefits to installing fire sprinklers, including:

Fire sprinklers activate almost instantly after the system detects a fire, helping to combat the flames with water before they can take hold of more flammable materials. This rapid response can help prevent minor incidents from turning into devastating events.

Sprinklers quickly douse fires in water as soon as they start, releasing less smoke and pollutants into the air. The immediate response of fire sprinklers also means that far less water is used compared to the huge amounts a fire brigade might need to extinguish an established flame.

Fire sprinklers from Johnson Controls can seamlessly integrate with your current fire safety protocol, so regardless of whether you’re upgrading your existing system or installing an entirely new sprinkler solution, you can rely on your fire suppression technology to keep your building safe.

Can fire sprinklers be used universally?

Whilst water is the most effective suppression agent for many types of fire, the unique design of sprinklers means that they aren’t suitable everywhere. Water sprinklers can damage certain property types, such as server rooms, and aren’t recommended for fighting some flames, including grease fires, for instance. 

In these cases, another solution like a Gas-Based System and Fire Panels are recommended instead. Overall, however, fire sprinkler systems are an essential solution for a wide variety of settings. Modern devices like the Mist Fire Suppression System are also available to minimise property damage while maintaining safety. 

Generally speaking, the best facilities for a sprinkler system include:

  • Commercial properties such as shopping centres
  • Office spaces
  • Residential buildings, including high-rise flats
  • Warehouses and other storage buildings 
  • Certain industrial and manufacturing spaces
Maintenance workers pointing at a distance

FPA-Approved Fire Suppression and Maintenance Services

Johnson Controls are pleased to design, install, service and maintain sprinkler systems, and operate under a strict procedural checklist of standards which are approved by the FPA.

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Discover Our Comprehensive Range Of Sprinkler Systems

At Johnson Controls, we take pride in offering fire suppression products from a comprehensive set of brands, catering to specific customer needs worldwide. Our fire sprinkler systems include:

Interior of a warehouse

Storage Solutions for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Coverage for the highest ceilings and narrowest aisles. The most innovative technologies on the market. All from one trusted partner.

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