Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Measuring

Tangible IAQ results

The ROI on clean air

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is the right thing to do for occupants — and it also has the potential to strengthen your facility’s bottom line and increase your competitiveness when recruiting. Johnson Controls uses a variety of sensor technology to gather real-time measurements, enabling your building to work as a dynamic environment that can react to current conditions. Studies show that, in businesses within the US, better IAQ can lead to an ROI of up to $800 per employee per year.

Two measurable factors of clear air are employee engagement and performance. Excluding direct health care costs, respiratory infections like influenza and the common cold reduce productivity by $19.4 billion each year. Furthermore, asthma and allergies reduce productivity through absence and presenteeism by $29 billion each year.

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Above-average IAQ in green buildings has been proven to improve overall productivity and employee cognitive function. If a company’s staff is healthy, the likelihood of occupants showing up ready to work will increase, in turn boosting productivity.

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IAQ as a Service

Johnson Controls’ Indoor Air Quality as a Service (IAQaaS) is a unique, turnkey solution that addresses your key pain points and provides benefits for your facility and people. Starting with a holistic assessment of your facility's current conditions and needs, we’ll provide recommendations for improving air quality and occupant health. Then, we'll monitor your facility and adjust your systems for you.

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IAQ Audits

During an OpenBlue IAQ audit, you’ll receive tailored recommendations for improvements and opportunities to make the most of available funds. You’ll also get an accurate IAQ baseline plus practical recommendations for improvements to your building or campus.

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IAQ Monitoring and Measuring Insights

Healthy air for healthy schools

Three trusted leaders bring you a better approach to IAQ for schools and academic settings.

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Myths and misconceptions about clean air

There’s a lot of noise in today’s marketplace about the air inside buildings. How do you keep it clean?

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OpenBlue Innovation Centres

Introducing eight new OpenBlue Innovation Centres located around the world. Each centre embodies our approach of building dynamic and resilient spaces that are smart, healthy, and sustainable.

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OpenBlue Pioneers

Pioneers are visionaries with a deep understanding of the potential of digital transformation. These are the companies with the courage to transform and future-proof their built environments to smart, healthy, and sustainable spaces.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

Unlock the performance of your building and provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes.

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OpenBlue Services

Digitally enabled services that optimise the performance of your equipment to ensure uptime and extended asset life.

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