Empowering Data Centre Safety with Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls are the market leader in providing a range of Intelligent Fire Suppression & Detection solutions tailored to protect sensitive data centre equipment, whilst minimising collateral damage.

Fire safety is a fundamental mandate for every Data Centre facility and which begins with the installation of intelligent integrated Fire Protection & Fire Detection Systems.

Safeguarding Sensitive Equipment - Minimising Collateral Damage

Why Choose Johnson Controls?

  • Innovation at the Core: Our fire safety solutions aren’t just standard-issue; they’re cutting-edge. We blend intelligence, adaptability, and scalability to create systems that evolve with your needs.
  • Global Expertise: From Silicon Valley to Singapore, our worldwide customers trust us. We collaborate with global partners to develop and deploy solutions that set new industry standards.
  • Configurable and Automated: Our systems adapt like chameleons. Configure them to your unique environment, and watch them automate safety seamlessly. It’s fire protection that keeps pace with your business.

Beyond Fire Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach to Safety

At Johnson Controls, we don’t just specialise in fire solutions; we provide a holistic approach to safeguarding your critical infrastructure. Alongside our industry-leading fire safety systems, we offer a range of services designed to protect your data centre and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Our Offerings:

Security Solutions

  • Protecting Your Data: Our security systems go beyond traditional firewalls. We safeguard access points, keeping intruders out and your valuable assets secure.

Building Management

  • Efficiency Meets Intelligence: Our integrated building management solutions optimise your data centre’s performance. From energy efficiency to space utilisation, we’ve got you covered.

HVAC Chillers

  • Cool and Efficient Environments: Mission-critical environments require precise temperature control. Our HVAC expertise ensures your equipment stays frosty when it matters most.

Johnson Controls are the architects of safety, committed to creating a future where your data centre thrives without interruptions. Join us in building a secure, efficient, and resilient environment for your critical operations.


Data Centre Protection | Johnson Controls

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Leveraging on more than 130 years of experience in building efficiency, safety and security, Johnson Controls has developed a range of unique packages, supporting hundreds of data centres around the globe.

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The Power of Partnership

In mission-critical data centre environments, having the right partner makes the difference. We’ve collaborated with data centres worldwide to deliver comprehensive, reliable solutions for HVAC, building management, fire, security and service. 

We know what it takes to build successful data centres – and successful partnerships.

Our Extensive and Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio for Data Centres

Our data centre solutions are found in the most demanding data centres globally, offering integrated products and services that minimise costs, maximise efficiency, and optimise timing.

From fire suppression to free cooling, Johnson Controls ensures reliability, responsiveness, and cutting-edge security for mission-critical environments.

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Enabling Smarter, Safer and More Resilient Data Centres

In the 21st century, data has become a critical asset for organisations of all sizes. Its exponential growth demands specialised data storage facilities that operate flawlessly 24/7, providing state-of-the-art protection.

With an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020, data centres and telecom hubs play a vital role in our economy. Operating around the clock, any downtime can have significant consequences. Managing this complex landscape involves addressing economic fluctuations, organisational growth, and new technologies like cloud computing.

With all this in mind, Johnson Controls has developed a unique package, supporting hundreds of data centres and numerous other types of critical facilities across the world. We have evolved over time, transforming our business, and we understand the challenges faced by forward-thinking businesses.

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Johnson Controls - Empowering Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure forms the bedrock of our economy, security, and well-being. It encompasses the power that lights our homes, the water we rely on, transportation networks, and essential communication systems. Explore how we strengthen and safeguard critical infrastructure for a resilient future.

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