Indoor Air Quality Audits

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Two-week audit provides clear direction 

An OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit delivers tailored recommendations for improving the health and efficiency of your facility. For two weeks, we gather important data — more than a snapshot — to create a detailed picture of your facility’s IAQ as it changes with weather, outdoor air conditions, occupancy, and time of day. Using this baseline data, we work with you to set goals and create a prioritised action plan that meets your needs and budget.


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The Value of Cleaner Air

While good IAQ is critical to mitigating the risk of airborne viruses, researchers have found even more far-reaching benefits, including decreased absenteeism due to allergies and asthma, improved cognitive ability, and increased engagement and learning. In short, clean air is critical to our mental performance and physical health — and we can help you achieve it efficiently and cost effectively.

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Detailed Facility Audit

The audit has three phases. First, a team of technicians, engineers, and your Johnson Controls rep visits to conduct a facility review and determine the best locations for gathering data. Battery-powered IAQ sensors are temporarily installed at these locations and continuously gather data for two weeks. Second, OpenBlue algorithms and Johnson Controls IAQ experts analyze the collected data to create a report covering comfort, humidity, ventilation, filtration, and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. Third, our team builds a prioritized list of specific recommendations for improving your IAQ.

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Tailored to Each Space

The design of your HVAC systems, the number of occupants in a space, and the way a space is used all affect IAQ — which can vary greatly between rooms. That’s why it’s important to gather data across the entire facility. Testing over two weeks gives a clearer picture of the factors affecting IAQ and the appropriate solutions.

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IAQ Audit Insights

See how an IAQ audit uncovered energy savings opportunities and areas for immediate IAQ improvement for Richmond School District.

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