OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - Your gateway to net zero and improving your bottom line

Demand for net zero solutions has never been greater. Analysts, investors and regulators expect progress toward decarbonisation, which puts pressure on you to improve the efficiency of your energy use, water and waste management, and, ultimately, reduce your carbon footprint.

Take realistic steps with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager to track, reduce and control energy use and accelerate progress to carbon reduction goals.

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Johnson Controls have been recognised by an independent industry analyst firm as a leader in Energy Management Software for the capabilities and features of our OpenBlue suite of smart building solutions.

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Baseline Energy Performance, Reduce Energy Spend

Understand your facility’s savings opportunities

Measure building performance by tracking its systems, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and energy rates. Live dashboards and reporting tools will help monitor building energy performance gaps and pinpoint cost reduction opportunities. And data will identify underperforming systems, track and calculate operational variances, simulates central plant performance, and model savings opportunities.

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Decrease Carbon Footprint, Track Net Zero Goals

Translate savings to sustainability and compliance

Translate energy savings to carbon reduction goals based on localised emission factors. Ease the burden of mandatory sustainability reporting and compliance with visibility across your organisation; share progress and make regulatory and environmental disclosures easier.

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Optimise Building Performance for Cost Reductions

Automation for better ROI

Award-winning AI and predictive setpoint control from OpenBlue enable the optimisation of utility and carbon emissions, ensuring energy savings and healthier indoor air. Reduce energy, carbon, and labour costs while maximising utility incentives and measuring and verifying savings to ROI goals. OpenBlue helps save the facilities team time and effort by eliminating time spent collecting, analysing, and reporting data manually.


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Track, reduce and control for energy and carbon reduction

Take realistic steps with digital solutions that to track, reduce and control energy use and accelerate progress to carbon reduction goals. OpenBlue Enterprise Manager solutions can help with baseline energy performance and energy spend reduction, decrease your carbon footprint, track net zero goals, and optimise building performance for reductions in energy cost, carbon emissions, and labour costs.

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Zero-trust cybersecurity

Leading active security in all our products. Security is designed into all our products – Johnson Controls hardware, software and hosted services. We work with expert partners in government and industry to maintain our customers’ compliance with regulations and build their resilience against the increasing number and range of cyber threats.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

 OpenBlue Enterprise Manager gathers and analses building data to assess its environmental health and building systems efficiency. It flags critical issues for action and provides recommendations to improve energy efficiency, optimise space use and health, and equipment performance.  

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Find the right solution for you

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager solutions for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Get help simplifying your decarbonisation goals, understand where you are today, and see what objectives you need to prioritise.

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Net Zero Advisor

Kick-start energy and emissions tracking.

Measure, monitor and report your carbon emissions, energy use and utility spend.

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Net Zero Advisor Plus

Impactful energy optimisation and emissions management.

Always on, automated energy management to reach carbon reduction goals.

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Central Utility Plant Optimisation

Enhance plant reliability and sustainability with automated real-time operating decisions.

Dramatically increase efficiency and drive sustainability by minimising utility cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Privacy by design

Privacy plays an essential role in everything we do, especially the data that is produced within the building. We have a privacy by design philosophy, which means our commitment to maintaining our customers’ privacy and providing world-class data protection underpins the design of all products and services.

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Insights on Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Standard Chartered Bank – Across Asia Pacific​

 Cloud-based digital technology provides the data needed for building optimisation.
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Forrester: The Race To Decarbonisation

 Forrester Consulting conducted a thought leadership study commissioned by and developed in collaboration with Johnson Controls to evaluate the progress that sustainability-focused companies have made in pursuing their goals.
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Space, Wellbeing & Productivity

Your gateway to optimising the utilisation and health of your spaces with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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Operational Efficiency & Equipment Performance

Your gateway to smart facility management with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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OpenBlue Services

Flexible, digitally enabled services that scale to your building, operating style and budget.


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Performance Advisory

Get the most out of OpenBlue Enterprise Manager with expert insights and support to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and savings with this add-on service.

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