Innovation and Leadership in Marine-Based Fire Suppression Solutions

Marine-based fire suppression solutions that prioritise innovation and leadership are vital in ensuring the safety of personnel and assets on ships, FPSO or offshore platforms.

Fire suppression in a marine environment comes hand in hand with a complexity that demands specialised products, systems and expertise. At Johnson Controls, we dedicate ourselves to remaining innovative and up-to-date on the best fire suppression solutions for your marine application.

The solutions we offer are high-quality and cost-effective, using fire suppression substances such as:

  • Water
  • Foam
  • Gaseous-based suppression systems

Compliance is imperative to us, which is why all our products are designed and produced to meet current marine standards, with all our systems undergoing rigorous in-house testing and certification.

For elevated peace of mind where you need it most, contact us using the form below about our range of automatic marine fire extinguisher solutions to keep your assets and personnel safe proactively.

Design, Installation, Servicing and Spare Parts

At Johnson Controls, we provide comprehensive services for all your marine fire suppression needs, including:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Spare parts


We offer a wide range of fire suppression system solutions that fully comply with British, European and International Marine Standards, with the capability of being customised to meet the unique requirements of each vessel.

The high-quality fire suppression systems cover water and foam-based systems, including an automatic marine fire extinguisher and inert and chemical gaseous systems. Johnson Controls also provides F-500 extinguishers that offer unrivalled protection against lithium-ion battery fires that can occur in marine environments.

To offer extra security, we maintain a buffer stock of equipment and spare parts in our global bases, ensuring you always have access to a full range of safety-critical equipment.

Solutions Provided Include:

  • Local Application Watermist
  • Watermist for Class A Machinery (TF) and Accommodation Spaces
  • CO2 Systems
  • Foam and Dry Powder
  • Hot Foam for Machinery Spaces Total Flood
  • Hi-Expansion Foam
  • Clean Agent Gas Flooding System incorporating INERGEN®
  • Novec™ 1230 Gas Suppression
  • Specialist Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers


At Johnson Controls, we offer customised life safety solutions that prioritise the protection of vessels, passengers, and crew members. We understand that each vessel is different and requires a bespoke solution for fire suppression.


We pride ourselves on offering a wide portfolio of marine fire suppression solutions curated to meet specific customer needs on a global scale.

Water Mist Fire Suppression

Sometimes, less is more. Using water mist fire suppression involves using a minimal amount of water compared to traditional sprinkler systems often seen in a commercial setting. Using less water is essential as it leads to lesser damage to the valuable assets usually found on vessels whilst still managing to extinguish a fire and remove the danger to personnel.

Johnson Controls has developed three AquaMist solutions that use mist technology, and the following white paper will allow you to understand the applications of the tech in detail.

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Water mist fire suppression system against a red background

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