Security 3.0

A Holistic Approach to Secure All Assets and Processes

Johnson Controls, as a driving force for innovations in the domain of security in the 21st century, is combining RFID, BLE and UWB technologies, IP protocols, advanced access protocols, and fire alarm solutions to give our customers a critical advantage in security. We follow internationally recognized security standards to ensure a uniform level of security throughout the world.

Person in a safety gear looking at containers at a shipping container yardThe global presence of Johnson Controls places us in a unique position of being able to guarantee the security of your supply chain. To fulfill the increasing demands of logistics companies throughout the world, Johnson Controls is developing unique services and solutions.

We are also an active member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), an organization that brings together global producers, logistics companies, and law enforcement authorities to avoid losses in international supply chains. TAPA establishes international standards that enable logistics companies to respect global security standards. Our solutions fully support these standards.

Our Security Products

IP Convergence

Johnson Controls is driving the current trend towards integrated system based on IP protocols and technologies. Out-of-date systems are modernized and replaced, offering an opportunity to link up logistics and security systems using unified, universal technology. Control centers can then realize more comprehensive company tasks and can be monitored and controlled securely from another chosen site with internet access.

Access Control

Logistics tasks nowadays need to be operated 24 hours a day almost everywhere. In the field of access control, Johnson Controls offers simple access control centers including highly developed, cross-site biometric monitoring systems.

Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Extinguishing Systems

The development of fire alarm systems is a central aspect of our business. Johnson Controls combines ultramodern technologies to detect fires faster and to minimize the damage caused by them. The protection of transport systems from fire requires constant vigilance. Our products and services offer comprehensive fire safety solutions from space-saving installations for smaller applications via demanding analog addressable control units to large, networked extinguishing systems.

Remote Video Surveillance

Every facility can be monitored remotely: operating depots, entrance gates, loading ramps or trucks, to name a few. We develop algorithms that trigger alarms in surveillance centers if something unusual or suspicious happens. Everything can be connected to networks using the latest IP technology.

Intrusion Detection

The disappearance of goods through burglary is one of the most serious threats to logistics companies. The intrusion alarm systems by Johnson Controls use enhanced IP technology to provide reliable protection. Based on video images or sensors, these interactive systems can be monitored remotely.

Vehicle and Freight Tracking

Vehicle and freight tracking solutions by Johnson Controls secure freight, trailers, and drivers in national and continental goods transportation and make a significant contribution in securing trade routes. Security solutions by Johnson Controls include camera surveillance of loading and unloading, GPS tracking for movement reports, and full control of goods, no matter if it is a full load, a groupage shipment or just a single (secured) box.

Temperature Control

Many goods, in particular in the pharmaceutical sector, must be kept at a constant temperature to maintain their efficacy. We help our customers to monitor the cold chain for the entire duration of transportation to protect these valuable goods.

Seamless Monitoring of Conveyable Products and Unit Goods
Increasing globalization poses ever new challenges for logistics service companies, too. Shipments must be weighed, their dimensions recorded, and freight volumes calculated. Ever more frequently, security aspects are coming into play too, justified by the increasing number of packages sent across borders, especially as air freight. Our joint Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning (DWS) solutions offer a fully integrated security system throughout the process chain: “Measure, weigh, read barcode and X-ray”. The result is a seamless documentation of dependable profile data for all manufactured shipments (small items, packages, and freight).

Johnson Controls Protects What Matters the Most

We combine global strength, local knowledge, and a spirit of innovation to provide customers throughout the world with cutting-edge fire prevention and security solutions, tailor-made to their specific needs.

Packed shipments in front of an airplaneWe handle intelligent systems and buildings as well as integrated fire prevention and security systems that link up seamlessly. Johnson Controls knows about the evermore complex challenges in the logistics sector. Issues such as security, cost control, infrastructure optimization, reliability, simple maintenance, and coordination with all partners are all high-priority matters for operators. Johnson Controls’ new and comprehensive sector-leading portfolio offers solutions for terminal complexes, control centers, security control points, freight preparation facilities, support buildings, perimeter protection, and administration building.

Innovation and Integration

Johnson Controls, thanks to its ability to develop new technologies and integrate platforms for the benefit of the customer, stands out in the dynamic world of technology. Thanks to the integration of fire prevention and building management systems, logistics companies in the following sectors can benefit from innovation driven systems and solutions:


  • 24/7 emergency call and service control center
  • Global access control solutions
  • Smart building solutions
  • Tracking of freight and goods
  • Fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems
  • Intrusion alarm systems
  • IP convergence technology
  • Barcode solutions and integration
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Traffic and transport monitoring systems
  • GPS monitoring systems


  • Video solutions
    - Parcel tracking and scanner integration
    - Integration of X-ray systems
    - Mobile solutions to protect assets, delivery vehicles, trucks
    and containers
    - Integrated DWS solutions
    - License plate recognition (APNR/LPR) 


  •  Drone systems
  • Industrial and Security Robots
  • PSIM solutions and system management (ISO 28000 compliant)
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