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Johnson Controls are trusted partners for Nurse Call and Real Time Location Systems for Care Home & Mental Health applications.  We have installed many nurse call systems in these environments and are authorised distributors and partners for the safest and most appropriate systems for these high risk environments.

The Care communications solutions available from Johnson Controls boast a multitude of state-of-the-art features including a range of user-friendly Apps and the opportunity to integrate the Nurse Call functionality with other building controls and systems.

User friendly apps can help staff when they are pushed for time or when staffing levels are low. One key feature is our simple timer alert app which, once set up, simply reminds staff of any repetitive tasks that they have to perform. For example meds, changing sheets etc. This popular feature is always in high demand.

Our system will interface with existing security systems such as Access Control and CCTV. A common request is for escorting, where an authorised member of staff wearing the ELPAS staff tag is accepted by the system as authorised to leave the monitored zone with patients without activating an alarm. 

Key Solution Features

  • Ultra-secure platform
  • Super safe RFID technology
  • Vandal resistant call units & overdoor Lights
  • Auto direction rules for staff in emergency mode
  • Vandal resistant intercom facility
  • Staff attack option
  • Real time location modules
  • Receive calls on the go
  • Large colour touch screens
  • Powerful rules capabilities (for example event driven alerts)
  • Crystal clear two-way speech
  • Dementia module add-ons
  • Staff attack options
  • Powerful report capabilities
  • Zetsafe safety network for peace of mind
  • Future-proof platform
  • Lone Worker Integration

Superior Performance and Features from Johnson Controls

Increasingly, it is common to see speech facilities by the bedside being specified. The aim of this is to limit contact with patients where possible when infection control measures are in place.
A common request in Mental Health applications is Nurse Call automation. As a nurse enters a room, their ‘presence’ is automatically registered and time stamped. The active ‘presence’ status is automatically reset as they leave the room.
WCs can be especially dangerous places when patients are out of sight of carers. We always supply WC Nurse Call pull cords with built in anti-ligature features to reduce the risk of harm to patients.
In most applications, it is wise to install a system where a call can be raised discreetly so as to not potentially raise the level of tension with a person that is exhibiting threatening behaviour. A portable trigger with at least two levels of alarm (Assistance and Attack) are commonly chosen by our clients, primarily as they are worn on a belt and can be quickly and discreetly activated.
In Mental Health facilities, it is vital that staff know exactly where the person that is that needs help. Employing location technologies such as WIFI or RF is sometimes not appropriate. Infrared (IR) gives adequate location tracking and is sufficient in most instances. However, in some applications it is preferable to install a combination of IR and RF for added peace of mind. This is because the RF signal cannot be blocked where sometimes it is possible that an IR signal would not have enough coverage to set an alarm off.
In Mental Health facilities, it is very often the case that vandal-proof Nurse Call points are used that are manufactured using stainless steel housings with tamper-proof screws. To notify staff that a colleague or patient in the vicinity needs assistance, we also supply overdoor lights complete with stainless steel covers and tamper-proof screws to protect the unit against damage.
By adding LF wall mounting units on all exits, the system is able to identify if an authorised person is escorting a patient out of an exit. A member of staff wearing an RFID staff tag will be accepted by the system as being authorised to leave the monitored zone with a patient without activating an alarm, but if a patient leaves the zone with no member of staff with them, an alarm will be generated. For audit purposes, all such escort activities are automatically captured in the system reports database so that they can be referred to at a later time.
Commonly, corridor display units are used, sometimes in conjunction with a map to identify an individual's location. For an even faster response, the system can be expanded to use a buzzer pager system so that colleagues can receive and respond to calls promptly wherever they are. Speech can also be added to the system to provide inter-department communication. Overdoor lights that can be configured to show distinct colour and sound combinations can be an invaluable addition to the system.
In many applications it is appropriate to install fixed wall-mounted panic alarm buttons for added safety. Many specifiers will request keyswitch operated call and reset points (to prevent abuse) that work with a timer. If a member of staff enters a room or area, but does not leave within a designated period then an alarm can be triggered and her/his location made known so that colleagues can be immediately alerted to assist.
Knowing the location of members of staff in real time can be critical in mental health facilities in case they are needed urgently or they trigger an attack alarm. It is also important that vital machines can be located and quickly moved to where they are needed. Personnel tags and badges should always include a staff attack button for added safety.
Exterior of the Belfast City Hospital building

Acute Mental Health Inpatient Centre, Belfast City Hospital

One of our proudest successes is at Belfast Mental Health hospital. We can say that in simple terms, the solution is probably the safest system of its kind in the UK at present.

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