Providing Fire Protection for Over Seven Decades

Highly flammable liquids warrant dedicated fire protection wherever they are manufactured, stored, transported, processed, or dispensed. Our passion for protection drives us to create solutions to help safeguard your people, property, and operations throughout the supply chain. With our experience, knowledge, and the industry’s broadest portfolio of foam products, we can help you meet your fire and vapor suppression needs.

Leading Industry Standards

Third-party tested and approved solutions (UL, FM, IMO, ICAO, etc.) for an array of fuel types and hazards.

Custom-engineered Solutions

Let our experienced technical service team tailor a solution for your unique fire protection challenges.

Flexible, Mobile Capability

Increase your firefighting effectiveness with mobile solutions.

Jar containing foam concentrates for fire suppression

Foam Concentrates

We produce a variety of high-performance foam concentrates.

  • Foam for suppression of hydrocarbon, polar solvent, and Class A fires and vapors
  • Advanced research, technical service, global manufacturing, and logistics
Fixed system equipment for fire suppression

Fixed System Equipment

A comprehensive range of equipment for storing, proportioning, and discharging firefighting foam.

  • Standardized and custom systems for an array of challenging hazards
  • Includes Hi-Ex generators, bladder tanks, monitors, and more
Large mobile response equipment for fire suppression

Large Mobile Response Equipment

We offer a range of class-leading response equipment.

  • High-volume water pumps
  • Large trailer-and skid-mounted monitor packages
  • Mobile equipment and companion foam concentrates
Portable response equipment for fire suppression

Portable Response Equipment

Mobilize the capabilities of foam directly to the front line.

  • Foam trailers, carts, and portable Hi-Ex foam generators
  • Handline eductors and nozzles
  • A variety of foam concentrates
Firefighters operating water-based fire suppression equipment in an industrial area

Services and Incident Response

We help shape response tactics, equipment, advanced crisis control, and mitigation protocols.

  • World-renowned firefighting team with decades of experience
  • Site-specific hazard assessment
  • Customized fire and hazard protection

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