Peace of Mind in Temporary Temperature Controls Solutions

Peak Performance - Ensure your system operates smoothly anytime, anywhere.

Whether conducting regular maintenance, repairs, emergency breakdowns, shutdowns or while awaiting permanent investment decisions, we can offer a wide program of temporary temperature control solutions to keep facilities running at peak performance. Extend your business capabilities with our bespoke solutions adapted to your budget and operational demands.

In modern business we understand heating and cooling services have to have a backup plan for continuity of service. From emergency needs to contingency planning, Johnson Controls can meet any demands.

Access an extensive fleet of YORK® equipment, including air-cooled chillers, heat pumps and boilers, containerised heaters and air conditioners, power generators and panels, water pumps and all necessary ancilliaries.

Features and Benefits

  • Our experts will provide the most efficient proposal to suit your operation
  • Tailored solutions designed into your facility scheduling, rigorously and professionally executed on site
  • Our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to providing the most cost-effective and reliable building operation
  • Solutions are designed taking all Environmental, Health and Safety standards into account
  • All ancillary supplies are readily available to ensure optimum operation
  • Seasonal rentals are available to meet to meet seasonal demands, providing your business with the most efficient and cost effective solution
  • Flexible financing options include leasing and rent-to-buy plans are available
  • Mission-critical services performed by trained technical experts assures proper assessment, installation, setup, commissioning, controls integration and ongoing maintenance

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Highly efficient, low noise and small footprint solutions

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Flexible Service Agreements

Tailored solutions that can be adapted to suit your budget

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Johnson Controls' intelligent Smart Connected Chillers and Condition Based Monitoring services find and fix small issues before they became big problems that hit your productivity and your pocket.

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