Transfer your financial risk and meet your decarbonisation goals

When making decisions about budgeting and spending, business leaders are putting their net zero effort at risk when they could be transferring risk instead. Organisations in every industry have made, are making, or will soon make, commitments to achieve net zero carbon emissions targets.

Johnson Controls Net Zero Buildings as a Service gives you real flexibility with real results, and includes everything from upfront capital, design and construction decisions, to owning your decarbonisation goals and reporting. Tailored to your needs and goals, this can include an energy savings programme, onsite solar, battery and renewable energy supply, in addition to expert advisory through to digital solutions.

Why transfer your risk?

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On-schedule net zero achievement


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Flexible and tailored deal structures to maximize your return on investment (ROI)

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Keep your focus on your business’ revenue-generating operations


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Scalable solutions for campuses, building portfolios and beyond


Why Net Zero Buildings as a Service?

Win the cash flow struggle
Immediate budgetary needs, like paying employee salaries and product development, can take precedent over large sustainability investments. An as-a-service programme changes your expense flow from a capital expense model to a fixed payment model.
Avoid a piecemeal approach​
While individual, dedicated solutions have impact, one provider can create pathways and proper assessments to hire, train and manage hundreds, even thousands, of technical staff, all while sharing the risk and acting as a single point of accountability.
Unify and ensure stakeholder alignment
We can navigate matrixed organisations to make sure your sustainability programme involves all key stakeholders from the moment your programme is launched to its conclusion.
Speed up progress
Moving from a theoretical plan to designing and deploying a real programme requires a partner who can help develop an actionable and detailed game plan with measurable milestones to keep you on track.
Bolster your in-house skillset
Most companies are not familiar with the process, technology or metrics essential to decarbonising buildings. Johnson Controls has a proven record achieving net zero targets with experienced engineers, building technologists and sustainable infrastructure experts.
Create budget-certainty
Avoid a ballooning budget. A known yearly expense simplifies your decarbonisation budgeting. It’s set up as an ongoing, consistent service expense instead of a large capital expense.
Aerial view of the Johnson Controls Rooftop Centre for Excellence in Norman, Oklahoma

Leading by example

Our journey to net zero at our own sites is guided by the same approach we bring to our customers. Our Net Zero Buildings experts are forging a new path to sustainability at our Norman plant in Oklahoma, one of the company’s largest carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emitters in 2020.

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George Oliver, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls

George Oliver, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls

“Our proprietary research echoes the demand, prioritisation and urgency for support that businesses, governments and global leaders are calling for. Our as-a-service model looks to provide our customers with guaranteed outcomes and risk management models to achieve emission reduction commitments that ultimately lead to healthier buildings, people, places and the planet.”

Aerial view of St Edward's University in Austin, Texas

Save energy and costs while preserving capital

St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, wanted to make campuswide updates to modernise its facilities, enhance sustainability and deliver a better student experience. At the same time, the university needed a funding method that would allow it to maintain budget-neutrality. By working under a contingent payment programme, the university is only responsible for $1.2 million of the $6.3 million total cost upfront. It will pay off the rest over a 15-year term through its energy savings without adding to the operating budget.

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Overcome roadblocks to net zero

From the benefits of a fixed payment model over a capital expense model to simply choosing the right sustainability partner, discover a clear path to net zero with our easy-to-follow whitepaper, Businesses are getting detailed on their journey to net zero: How to overcome the top four roadblocks.

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Customer success stories

Payment program expedites sustainability improvements

Johnson Controls and leadership at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX, worked to align the school’s needs with an appropriate funding mechanism for campuswide facility updates, sustainability enhancements and delivering the best student experience possible.

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Digitally enabled operations and maintenance

Children’s of Alabama sought a partnership to drive maximum efficiency of operations, lower energy costs, reduce risk of failure and provide guaranteed outcomes.

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