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Enabling Smart, Safe and Reliable Factories for the Food and Beverage Industry

In the fiercely competitive food and beverage industry, lifecycle costs, guaranteed uptime, life-long sustainability, and minimal environmental impacts are no longer unique selling points for us.

With more than 100 years of servicing food and beverage factories, our teams have developed a unique and holistic understanding of the specific needs and expectations of your environment. We understand how energy use and loss reduction measures directly impact your production costs and why they are benchmarked into cost per kilogram of finished product. By reducing costs and improving your facility’s efficiency, you gain smoother operations and higher net results. In this growing market of expanding needs and demands, our commitment is to offer you high-end solutions and services suited to your specific needs, enabling your company to run smarter, with better performing facilities.

Reduce Costs and Risks, Increase Profits


Ensure your facility runs smoothly and efficiently:

  • Uninterrupted production processes that run 24/7 in protected environments
  • Fast processing of perishable goods with a short time-to-market term
  • Alignment with food safety requirements and regulations to extend shelf life and prevent contamination and poisoning of consumption goods
  • Mitigating the risk of theft by personnel and (organized) external individuals
  • Safe and fluid logistics, internally and externally 
  • Minimizing the use of energy, thereby reducing cost and increasing profitability
  • Decreasing your environmental footprint

Unique Portfolio of Solutions and Services for Your Security Needs

With our 100+ years of experience working alongside food and beverage industry leaders, Johnson Controls has developed a unique portfolio of solutions and services for efficient and reliable processes as well as protection of assets, production, and employees.

Thanks to our research and development teams and our production facilities in Europe, we lead the way in engineering, manufacturing, designing, and installing world-class building automation, industrial refrigeration, HVAC, and fire and security systems.

Our HVAC equipment and controls, building management systems, and industrial refrigeration solutions include some of the world’s best known brand names in this highly specialized field. They are Metasys®, PENN®, Sabroe®, YORK®, Hitachi, Frick®, Gram®, and Stal®. We provide an exceptional range of refrigeration compressors and chillers fitted with intelligent controls and monitoring systems, from standardized “plug and play” units and packages to completely customized installations, ensuring each system is the best fit for your operating environment. Our comprehensive range of systems and services is uniquely positioned to address the most complex comfort and efficiency challenges of food and beverage applications.

Safe and Efficient Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

Advanced solutions to enable smart, safe, and reliable food and beverage factories:

  • Stand-alone and/or holistic systems delivering greater efficiency and return on investment
  • Fire, safety, and security solutions that meet your unique industry requirements
  • Protection of your assets, property, personnel, and customers
  • A dedicated partner providing ongoing support, wherever and whenever you need it, through one single point of contact


Infographic listing out efficiency and safety solutions for food and beverage factories by Johnson Controls

Smart, Safe, and Efficient Food and Beverage Factories

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Johnson Controls Helps Create Efficient Production That Meet the Needs of Your Food and Beverage Facilities

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