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A VAV terminal is a zone-level flow control device that plays a pivotal role in HVAC systems. In effect, it is a calibrated air damper with an automatic actuator, so when cooling demand increases, the VAV terminal opens up, allowing more cool air to flow into the occupied space. Conversely, as the load decreases, the VAV terminal reduces the air supply.

These terminals consist of essential components: a thermostat, actuator, controller, damper, and, in the case of pressure-independent types, an airflow sensor. By dynamically adjusting airflow based on demand, VAV terminals contribute to energy efficiency and personalised comfort.


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Blower Coil Units

These units feature a belt-driven fan and are available in horizontal, vertical and reduced footprint vertical designs.

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Fan Coil Units

A variety of units with flexible configurations for quiet, energy-saving operation.

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