A holistic solution for enhancing your facility’s IAQ

OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality as a Service (IAQaaS) is a unique, turnkey solution that addresses your key pain points and provides benefits for your facility and people. Starting with a holistic assessment of your facility’s current conditions and needs, we’ll provide recommendations for improving air quality and occupant health. We’ll monitor your facility and adjust your systems as needed to manage air quality issues for you, easing the burden on your already-stretched resources.


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Experienced Advisors

Johnson Controls provides an end-to-end partnership focused on delivering meaningful, mutually determined IAQ outcomes. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to help you create a prioritized action plan designed to reach your health and efficiency goals.

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IAQ Audits

Your baseline building operations are established through a thorough two-week audit that includes data-driven insights and recommendations from our experienced engineers and technicians.

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Maximizing IAQ, Savings, and Space

Our OpenBlue Digital platform includes a dashboard for monitoring your facility’s IAQ status provides AI-driven recommendations for balancing IAQ levels, infection risk, and energy use. This enhanced visibility into the performance of your facility helps you easily assess status and measure progress towards your ESG and occupant health goals.

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Flexible Financing Options

This is all possible without straining your resources. We utilize an OpenX financing model to minimize capital outlay. Our new subscription model bundles technology and services into one fee, offering results without the burden of ownership or debt. You can opt for an Equipment Finance Agreement from Johnson Controls Capital if you prefer to use a traditional loan or lease to buy our products.

Planned service agreements

Monitoring and management for key results

Ongoing maintenance and fine-tuning ensure systems continue to deliver optimal outcomes. Our Planned Service Agreements (PSAs) ensure that IAQ sensors, controllers, and other IAQ solutions are constantly operating in peak condition. Standard PSAs or other maintenance agreements may miss critical IAQ checks — our PSAs are specifically tailored to drive IAQ outcomes.

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Advisement from IAQ Experts

Johnson Controls team members are IAQ experts. Our Healthy Buildings Center of Excellence (CoE) and supporting local team members will provide periodic advising on operational improvements to drive health, wellness, and energy-saving outcomes for you and your stakeholders, including WELL compliance.

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OpenBlue Innovation Centres

Introducing eight new OpenBlue Innovation Centres located around the world. Each centre embodies our approach of building dynamic and resilient spaces that are smart, healthy, and sustainable.

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OpenBlue Pioneers

Pioneers are visionaries with a deep understanding of the potential of digital transformation. These are the companies with the courage to transform and future-proof their built environments to smart, healthy, and sustainable spaces.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

Unlock the performance of your building and provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes.

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OpenBlue Services

Digitally enabled services that optimize the performance of your equipment to ensure uptime and extended asset life.

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