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The safety of your building and its occupants is of the utmost importance, and an effective security access control system serves as the first line of defence for your business's security.

Johnson Controls offers a diverse range of trusted industry brands, providing comprehensive commercial security solutions tailored to establishments of any size and type. Including physical access control systems that can easily be integrated with electronic access control hardware which can be hosted in the cloud. 

By implementing an access control system, you gain visibility into the presence of individuals on your property, enabling a swift resolution of any issues that may arise.

At Johnson Controls, we prioritise the protection of your building's most vulnerable areas. Our expert team works closely with you to fortify and secure your premises by installing an efficient security access control system.

Curious to learn more? Dive into our comprehensive white paper for an in-depth guide to security access control systems.

Our Security Access Solutions

Meet your real-time commercial security needs with our high-performance access control solutions, designed to prevent intrusions. Whether you require card access control with a physical access control system or are seeking innovative biometric technology with an electronic control access system, we have the expertise to assist you.

Our Security Access Products

With our range of innovative access control products, businesses can confidently safeguard their assets and prioritise the safety of their staff and visitors. Our extensive range of security access control products allows you to build a customised system that meets your unique business needs and specifications.

Unleash The Power of Monitoring

Experience the numerous benefits of a security access control system.

  • Convenience: Streamlined access for authorised employees, granting them the freedom to come and go at their discretion.
  • Clear audit trail: Effortless tracking of individuals on-site, ensuring a clear understanding of who is present and when.
  • Better workplace safety: Establishing a safe working environment by deterring potential intruders and enhancing overall workplace security.
  • Restricted area protection: Better oversight over restricted areas, including safes and vaults, with precise and identifiable security access control measures.
  • Monitor access points: You can control who has access to physical access points like doors, turnstiles, gates, and elevators.
  • Integrate building resource automation: Allow your access control system to optimise HVAC and lighting based on occupancy, leading to cost savings and energy conservation.
  • Extra flexibility and scalability: By controlling your building’s security access through one system, you can customise and expand as your business grows and your security needs evolve.
  • Seamless Visitor Experience: Your security access system can pre-register visitors, enabling convenient check-ins and streamlined visitor management.

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