Net zero leadership is easier than ever

Buildings account for some 40% of global emissions, and Johnson Controls is uniquely placed to help customers around the world pursue their net zero goals. The decarbonisation journey can seem daunting - understanding fast moving trends, changing regulations, certification requirements and incentives. With a proven path, we put you in the know and make your transition toward net zero easier with the right resources, skills and solutions, whether you’re just getting started or well on your way.

Why net zero?

Blue line-illustration of a lightning bolt in a circle Save energy and cost

Proven energy efficiency solutions and innovative digital tools will save you substantial amounts of money. Bring in our experts to find opportunities in your building.

Blue line-illustration of an arrow pointing downward Modernise without financial risk

Modernise your facility and pay for equipment updates through energy savings and proven performance contracting with flexible payment options.

Blue line-illustration of an American dollar sign Control energy spend

Energy and renewables solutions tailored to your facility save you money. We’ll help you make energy affordable with our expert insight.

Blue line-illustration of a kinked upward arrow within a sqaure with rounded corners Qualify for incentives and meet regulations

As you face the growing need to reduce carbon emissions to meet regional standards and regulations. You can meet them - and save money.​

Blue line-illustration of a person's silhouette above a desktop monitor Turn commitments into action

Where to start, what to avoid, how to invest? Answer those questions and more with the first steps to net zero.

Achieve net zero with our proven approach

A woman pointing at sticky notes on a glass panel to her colleagues

Goal setting and advisory services

We work across every area of the built environment and are equipped to advise on all trends, policy changes and compliance requirements.

A group of colleagues in conversation at an office lobby

Safe, secure and healthy environments

Get support in decarbonising your operations while simultaneously prioritising the health and security of your building’s space and occupants.

A man standing and looking at a tablet, with a blue OpenBlue poster overlaid in the middle

Digitally enabled environments

We will help you fully implement digitally enabled environments that boost energy efficiencies and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Two female maintenance engineers in front of a device, one of them holding a tablet

Efficient infrastructure

From building retrofits to planning new developments, creating efficiencies across your infrastructure will drive energy conservation.

Two maintenance workers kneeling before a device, while one scrolls on a tablet

Sustainable operations

Lock the benefits of efficient infrastructure into your building’s lifecycle with sustainable operations, such as condition-based, predictive maintenance.

A female engineer writing on a clipboard near a set of solar panels

Distributed energy resources

Build and operate your own renewable generation assets to reduce or replace grid power consumption with zero-carbon electricity.

A woman pointing at a desktop monitor displaying a line graph

Renewable energy supply services

Even if your building’s location or design prevents you from utilising distributed generation, we can decarbonise your electricity consumption.

A man and a woman shaking hands, while their colleagues smile and watch around them

Certify and recognise impact

Acknowledge your progress from accounting to compliance. Utilise transparent decarbonisation dashboards and industry-leading certificates facilitation.

Exterior of the Johnson Controls office at Glendale

Johnson Controls journey towards carbon neutrality

As we work with our customers to manage their carbon transition and enable the decarbonisation of their facilities’ footprints, our own net zero journey is ahead of schedule. We continue to push forward to lead by example, from emissions reduction in-house and with suppliers through to leadership in social impact and employee experience.

Read our 2023 sustainability report

Solve for zero: design, digitalise, deploy

We design and roadmap your next best steps with industry-leading net zero advisory and workflows to break down data silos, creating substantial energy savings and providing one-source, turnkey delivery to put your plans into reality. Partner with us to deliver on your decarbonisation, renewable energy and resilience goals, while optimising building performance. Impact guaranteed.

A man and a woman smiling and entering an office, with plants near the door

Net Zero Buildings as a Service

Upgrade your infrastructure and let us handle the risk. Net Zero Buildings as a Service provides flexibility with real results, as well as ownership of your decarbonisation goals and reporting.

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Your proven path to decarbonisation

Make your decarbonisation ambitions a reality with the Johnson Controls Net Zero Buildings suite of solutions. Watch and learn how we can bring your vision to life.

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Aerial view of the Johnson Controls Rooftop Centre for Excellence in Norman, Oklahoma

Leading by example

Our journey to net zero at our own sites is guided by the same approach we bring to our customers. Our experts are forging a new path to sustainability at our Norman plant in Oklahoma, one of the company’s largest carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emitters in 2020.

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Lights, camera, climate action!

Johnson Controls Chief Sustainability Officer, Katie McGinty, teamed up with TED Countdown and The Climate Pledge to develop an inspiring and informative video outlining the key role buildings play in net zero strategies and driving sustainability.

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