First steps to net zero

Accelerate toward sustainable buildings

Start your building-decarbonisation journey

With voluntary climate reporting shifting to mandatory climate action, the impetus for companies to implement net zero building solutions has increased. But taking the first steps toward building performance optimisation can be hard: where to start, what to avoid, how to invest?

Our suite of net zero buildings solutions can help you answer those questions and more. We’ll discuss your options and work with you to develop a clear plan and a roadmap to sustainability.

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Kick-start energy and emissions tracking

Know where your building stands and take action with Net Zero Advisor. You can measure, monitor and report your carbon emissions, energy use and utility spend with a single dashboard.

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Optimise chiller performance

A chiller is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in a facility and accounts for up to 40%of a building's electricity use. We identify ways to optimise its operation and keep it running at maximum efficiency.

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Upgrade lighting

Lighting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reduce utility spend. Intelligent controls with LED can reduce energy consumption by 70 to 80%, while lowering Scope 2 carbon emissions.

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Roadmap for effective implementation

Every journey is unique, get help turning your strategy into action with our proven path to decarbonisation. We assess your building’s footprint, set concrete goals and chart a clear route to achieving them.

The proven path to sustainability

With Johnson Controls as your partner, we'll ensure that practical and actionable plans are implemented, not left sitting on a shelf. We'll use our simple approach to design, digitalise and deploy our proven path to net zero. Watch our video to learn more.

Why net zero?

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Save energy and costs

Proven energy efficiency solutions and innovative digital tools will save you substantial amounts of money. Bring in our experts to find opportunities in your building.

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Modernise without financial risk

Modernise your facility and pay for equipment updates through energy savings and proven performance contracting with flexible payment options.

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Control energy spend

Energy and renewables solutions tailored to your facility save you money. We’ll help you make energy affordable with our expert insight.

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Qualify for incentives and meet regulations

Capture government incentives and bottom-line benefits with solutions from heat pumps to renewables. We’ll help you meet regulations and save money.

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Turn commitments into action

Wherever your building is on the path to net zero, we can help. Our industry-specific plans detail a clear path toward carbon reduction.

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Customer success stories

Payment program expedites sustainability improvements

St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, made campuswide updates to modernise its facilities, enhance sustainability and deliver the best student experience possible.

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Innovative solutions to drive maximum efficiency of operations

Children’s of Alabama partnered with Johnson Controls to reduce energy and operational and maintenance costs through a long-term Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract.

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Downward view of the Childens' Hospital in Alabama

Take the first step on your net zero journey. Reach out to us today.