The Right Solution to Match the Risk

Water mist systems are a versatile and highly efficient fire protection solution, featuring unique nozzles that have been designed and rigorously tested to help protect against a wide range of fire risks.

The fine mist the system generates can extinguish fire or limit its growth at an early stage, depending on the asset being protected. Water mist systems help provide effective cooling and fire control on Class A fires, or assistance with extinguishing and preventing re-ignition on Class B or Class F fires.


A broad range of systems offering solutions to meet your needs.

Highly Efficient

Reduces water usage while providing superior control.

Tested and Approved

Designed and rigorously tested to protect against a range of risks.

The Power of Mist: We’ve Harnessed It

AquaMist® systems are designed to help save lives, protect property and ensure business continuity. Learn about the principles of water mist as an effective firefighting solution. This short video shows AquaMist® technology in action as well as the distinct features our systems offer.


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