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In today's commercial world, we are always looking for solutions to become more streamlined, save time, and become more productive; smart buildings are the next logical step.

Using world-class BMS controls, your essential building facilities can communicate on a single platform to deliver the necessary information, manage your data and operate your property as a smart building.

What Are BMS Controls?

BMS controls are an integrated system that controls and monitors the operations of a building’s HVAC, security, and other processes. It is an excellent option for optimising energy efficiency and providing a safe and comfortable environment for the occupants of the building.

How Do BMS Controls Work?

Typically consisting of a intelligent control panels, a communication network and a variety of thermostats, sensors and actuators, BMS controls work by monitoring and controlling various systems within the business.

The communication network allows the BMS controls to connect to other systems, such as the internet, providing real-time information and data for intelligent building management.

The sensors and actuators allow the BMS controls to detect changes within the working environment and to adjust the various systems linked accordingly based on your individual settings.

What Can Be Integrated Within A BMS Controls System?

There are many systems within you can integrate into your BMS controls system, making your building well-organised and efficient.

Systems that can be integrated within BMS controls systems include:

Integrating Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) into a Building Management System (BMS) offers several benefits. By combining these systems, you can achieve energy efficiency through optimised control, enable remote monitoring and management, enhance occupant comfort, and gather valuable performance data which can better inform decision-making.

Integrating a fire alarm system into your Building Management System (BMS) offers several advantages. By combining these systems, you can achieve coordinated smoke control during emergencies, enhance occupant safety through effective evacuation control, and streamline maintenance tasks. Overall, combining fire protection with BMS functionality enhances safety, efficiency, and responsiveness in modern buildings.

Security that is integrated within the BMS controls system can be monitored from any approved device, at any time, in real-time, making it very easy to identify breaches straightaway. Using your BMS controls, you can also access your CCTV footage and ensure all security systems are switched on and off at the correct times.

With so many levels of security available for businesses, each BMS controls system can be bespoke to each property, whether your building uses biometrics, proximity cards, door phones or any other security measures.
Having your lighting as part of your BMS controls system is a fantastic way to save energy and allows the user to check that lights are on/off at the correct time.

Why Incorporate A BMS Controls System?

From reducing energy costs to increasing safety, security and overall comfort, incorporating a BMS controls system into your building helps you make smarter, savvier decisions.

Our intelligent, world-class solutions are energy efficient and designed to help your business reach a higher level of productivity and effectiveness. No more toggling between various systems; BMS controls mean you can manage and automate everything from one place.

Bringing in a BMS controls system also means you get:

Multiple systems to serve any Building Energy Management need – from the most complex to light commercial or specific regional needs.
Fast and easy installation, configuration, and commissioning
Helps facility operators identify and correct problems fast.

Building Management Systems offer additional benefits for building owners, operators, and occupants. Here are some key advantages:

BMS control systems help reduce energy consumption by monitoring and optimising lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) from a centralised location. This precise control can lead to significant cost savings, advances in your building's sustainability, and will help to drive your business towards your Net Zero goals..
An effective BMS ensures occupant comfort by maintaining optimal environmental conditions. It can regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation based on real-time data, enhancing the overall experience for building users.
A Building Management System integrates different subsystems (HVAC, lighting, security, fire protection, etc.) into one cohesive platform. Facility managers gain complete visibility and control over building operations, simplifying management and troubleshooting.
A BMS monitors security systems and detects anomalies, allowing prompt action to prevent issues from escalating. It contributes to a safer building environment. The system will also integrate into fire detection and suppression systems in order to provide a cohesive evacuation and action strategy in the event of a fire.
By optimising energy usage, reducing waste, and streamlining operations, a BMS will help lower operational costs over time.
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