Solutions by Industry

At Johnson Controls, we create healthier, more productive building environments that deliver energy savings, operational savings, and sustainable solutions. No matter if it’s for homeowners, schools, or major military installations, our technology and services bring results.  We have smart ways to improve your buildings, empower the people within, and meet your goals of home comfort, a better learning environment for children, a safer country, and everything in between. 


Angular view of a server room in a data center

Data Centers

Leveraging on more than 130 years of experience in building efficiency, safety and security, Johnson Controls has developed a unique package, supporting hundreds of data centres and numerous other types of critical facilities across the world.

Blurred shot of people walking at an airport


Today it’s more critical than ever that airport facilities operate at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. Johnson Controls’ new, comprehensive industry leading portfolio provides solutions for terminal complexes, command and control centers, security checkpoints, cargo facilities, support buildings, hangars, perimeter protection, and retail and concession spaces.

Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex in Kiev, Ukraine


We tailor our commercial fire and security solutions to provide a safe working environment for your employees, while protecting assets and ensuring business continuity – whether your security requirements are generated by day-to-day operations, specific business needs or outside regulations.

Ariel view of the piping system at a large chemical plant

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, security and health. Johnson Controls provides technology solutions that improve employee and user satisfaction and security, whilst enhancing business operations.We enable safer, smarter and more resilient critical infrastructures.

A hand tapping a balance scale icon

Justice and Prisons

Security is mission critical in correctional facilities. Our years of experience with Integrated Solutions allow us to tailor our approach in developing Justice Facility security systems that suit your specific needs.

An offshore oil rig platform

Oil and gas

Johnson Controls provides best-in-class, reliable solutions and services for oil and gas facilities – from FPSOs, drill ships, and tankers to terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants, and corporate headquarters around the world.

A miniature globe with a graduation hat stacked on a book


Johnson Controls, a leading provider of higher-education solutions, helps colleges and universities achieve these diverse goals by creating comfortable, quality learning environments that operate more intelligently and efficiently.

A doctor working on a tablet with a stylus


Europe’s rapidly aging population presents a number of socio-economic and healthcare challenges. Johnson Controls understands the needs of the healthcare market and can provide tailor-made solutions specifically designed to minimise daily disruption and mitigate risks.

A family out for a picnic in an open green field

Home Security Solutions

What could be more important than protecting your home and family? As a global leader in the security business, we offer around-the-clock protection from intrusion, fire, floods, carbon monoxide and gas leaks, and other hazards.

Upwards view of a stack of cargo containers with a cargo airplane in flight

Transportation and Logistics

Today’s trade routes are becoming ever more complex and demanding, with the outcome being that only the most resilient and flexible security solutions can prevent losses in the supply chain, protect the infrastructure, and ensure the safety of employees. Johnson Controls helps create secure environments that meet the needs of logistics facilities.

An empty railway platform with train passing through

Rail and Light Rail

From optimising building performance to improving safety throughout the railway network and its infrastructure, we are here to power your mission, making your goals become reality. Johnson Controls provides leading building technology and solutions to meet every one of your railway facility's needs and power the outcomes that matter most.

Piping system at an industrial facility

Industrial and Manufacturing

Security, efficiency, and business continuity have always been critically important in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Having the right solutions in place would ensure operational resilience and competitive success in globalized and changing markets.

Trays with berries ready for processing

Food and Beverage

With more than 100 years of servicing food and beverage factories, our teams have developed a unique and holistic understanding of the specific needs and expectations of your environment.

A ship with storage containers in the open sea

Marine and Navy

Given the scale as well as the various types of threats, security challenges in the Marine and Navy sector are diverse. Our innovative Marine and Navy Security solutions protect over 80 percent of the vessels at sea, and we are particularly proud of our long working partnership with the naval sector.

A full cargo ship and a plane leaving a loading dock

Security 3.0

Johnson Controls, as a driving force for innovations in the domain of security in the 21st century, is combining RFID, BLE and UWB technologies, IP protocols, advanced access protocols, and fire alarm solutions to give our customers a critical advantage in security.