Integrated Technologies Enhance Fan Experiences; Optimise the Environment

The journey of live sports and entertainment starts with venues that ensure safety, security, comfort, and connectivity. But the expectations of today's spectators extend beyond these basics. They crave a deeper connection with their teams and players, beloved artists, and fellow enthusiasts.

Strengthen these bonds with the aid of intelligent, interconnected spaces enabled by Johnson Controls' sports and entertainment solutions. By delivering an engaging social experience for fans, we can guarantee their repeated return for more unforgettable moments.

Advanced Analytics Make Your Arena Smarter

Today, the sports and entertainment industry embraces technology to make the fan experience richer and more enjoyable. At Johnson Controls, we’ve helped venues around the globe create safe, secure, and connected environments. We look at more than sight lines, seat width, and concessions. We help venues integrate technologies to give your tech-savvy fans and event-goers new ways to connect to their passions and to share their experiences.

We link consumer technologies like web services, point-of-sales systems, digital signage, and concessions. We deploy operational components like high-density Wi-Fi, integrated lighting control, and voice and data capabilities. By leveraging customer data gathered at every fan touchpoint, from parking patterns to ticketing to concessions; we help you build new businesses, unlock new revenue streams, and capture operational efficiencies. In addition, an integrated infrastructure of all systems (building, IT, business, sports, and entertainment) can make venues more energy efficient and more adaptable. We can help you improve the bottom line.

Sustainability for Arenas Composite Content Card

The drive to energy efficiency and sustainability continues to gather momentum, and we are here to help make your facility as green as you want it to be. For new construction as well as retrofits, take advantage of state-of-the-art systems from Johnson Controls to make heating and cooling more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

A more efficient, more sustainable venue generates multiple benefits aside from the most important one of reducing your environmental footprint. Fans increasingly appreciate a “green” facility. Sustainable facilities perform better, with less energy, with obvious impact on the bottom line.

Life Safety Has Become a High-Tech Function

Supporters, sponsors, and local communities all reap the rewards of enhanced security within arenas and the improved safety of the surrounding neighborhoods. We've crafted innovative, technologically-advanced safety solutions suitable for sizable facilities. Our services span from electronic access controls and video surveillance to fire and security alarms, and even digital voice evacuation systems. All these services are centralised for seamless management and swift response. Our priority is to assist you in ensuring that your facility and its surroundings maintain a high level of safety and security.

Transform Your Venue with our Comprehensive Service Solutions

Johnson Controls are committed to delivering exceptional services and support solutions tailored to your individual needs. As a global leader in building technology solutions, we offer an extensive range of lifecycle services to optimise the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your venue's systems and equipment.

Our team of experts is focused on providing innovative solutions and unparalleled support throughout the lifecycle of your building. Our services and support solutions are designed to help you maximise the value of your investment, whether you are looking for maintenance, upgrades, modernisation, or carbon reduction strategies, we have a range of solutions to help you meet every requirement.

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Case Study: Aviva Stadium

Johnson Controls solution for the Aviva Stadium in Dublin integrates fire and life systems with CCTV, access control and intruder alarms, linked by the stadium‘s IT infrastructure.

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