Indoor Air Quality

Invest in occupant health and well-being

A breath of fresh air

The average person spends about 90 percent of their time indoors and takes approximately 20,000 breaths each day. Yet, temperature and being too hot or too cold are often all we notice. We rarely think about the air we breathe or appreciate how dramatically what’s in it can affect the way we work, learn and thrive. Fortunately, Johnson Controls team members are Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts and we can partner with you to create healthier, more efficient spaces that maximise occupant productivity and energy efficiency.


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In-depth Facility Audits

We help you enhance the health and well-being of building occupants by assessing your building and measuring IAQ performance. Using data, and analytics, experienced IAQ experts will recommend ways to reduce infection risk, minimize airborne contaminants, and create healthier, more productive spaces.

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Indoor air pollution can come from a combination of sources, including cleaning agents, trash, humidity, ozone from printers and copiers, bacteria, viruses, and pollen. All have potential to decrease IAQ, and can require individualized mitigation approaches. Johnson Controls IAQ experts can help by designing a solution tailored to meet your exact needs.

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Air Quality as a Service

Advanced analytics, AI, and experienced IAQ professionals work together to help you achieve your sustainability and occupant health goals. Our holistic approach enables your carbon footprint to be reduced without compromising on occupant health, safety, and comfort.

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Measurable Results

We help you unlock the value of your existing investments and maximize resiliency by designing and implementing a solution tailored to your needs. To ensure your spaces stay healthy, we’ll install IoT-connected, multifactor sensors that measure air quality and occupancy rates.

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Codes and Standards

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, which means IAQ has a huge impact on us. As new standards and regulations target IAQ and sustainability, Johnson Controls works tirelessly to understand the potential impact of regulatory changes across the globe and develop advanced, cost-effective solutions.

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Experienced Advisors

Johnson Controls team members are IAQ experts. Our Healthy Buildings Centre of Excellence and local team members provide periodic recommendations for operational improvements that can help optimise your systems and improve health, wellness, and energy-saving outcomes.

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Industry Partnerships

Johnson Controls partners with leaders in the clean air and healthy buildings space to move the industry forward. From our commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation to our involvement in developing the science, technology, and regulatory standards for healthy buildings, we have the experience and insight to be your ideal partner.

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More Productive Spaces

Enhancing IAQ is scientifically proven to improve comfort and productivity as well as increase cognitive ability. Reduction of particulate matter and airborne pathogens leads to reduced allergies, asthma, and illness, thereby decreasing occupant absenteeism and presenteeism. We’re able to provide optimal hybrid working models for occupant-centric clean air delivery while maximising efficiency.

The difference cleaner air makes

How to prevent IAQ from impacting learning in schools

The impact of IAQ on student learning in the US has been a topic of study for decades. Researchers have found that creating a well-ventilated classroom is critical for learning and student health.

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Myths and misconceptions about clean air

There’s a lot of noise in today’s marketplace about the air inside buildings. How do you keep it clean? What measures must you take to help keep occupants healthy? How much should you expect to spend? OpenBlue Clean Air from Johnson Controls can help.

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Explore more of our solutions and services

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OpenBlue Innovation Centres

Introducing eight new OpenBlue Innovation Centres located around the world. Each centre embodies our approach of building dynamic and resilient spaces that are smart, healthy, and sustainable.

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OpenBlue Pioneers

Pioneers are visionaries with a deep understanding of the potential of digital transformation. These are the companies with the courage to transform and future-proof their built environments to smart, healthy, and sustainable spaces.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

Unlock the performance of your building and provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes.

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OpenBlue Services

Digitally enabled services that optimise the performance of your equipment to ensure uptime and extended asset life.

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