To optimise your building, optimise your chiller

Chillers play a critical role in a facility, providing comfortable conditions for occupants and opportunities for significant energy savings. To optimise your chiller’s performance, we combine technology with expert support. Data gathered from each chiller is analysed to detect anomalies, allowing issues to be identified and addressed proactively, avoiding unplanned downtime, and minimising impact to your operations. Our tailored maintenance programmes can extend your chiller’s lifespan and maximise its efficiency, reduce waste, save energy, and help you meet your decarbonisation goals.

Meeting critical customer needs

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Increase Uptime and Reliability

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

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Increase Energy Savings and Sustainability

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Increase Staff Efficiency

Chiller Performance Optimisation

Learn how smart building technology is revolutionising built environments and understand the critical role chillers play in creating a more sustainable world.
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OpenBlue Services

Count on OpenBlue Services to meet your operational, financial, and sustainability goals. We’ll tailor solutions that help you deliver savings, comfort, security, and peace of mind by optimizing building system performance, reducing energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and delivering a cleaner environment for occupants.

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Report: Award-Winning Performance

Johnson Controls Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for offering enhanced performance and reduced energy consumption through its connected chiller solutions.

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Industry research and insights

Missouri University of Science and Technology campus buildings

Case Study: Data-Driven Performance on University Campus

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Case Study: Intelligence Improves Office Energy Performance

Tops of buildings in downtown Dubai shrouded in fog

Case Study: Enhanced Comfort and Performance at Business Hub

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