Reliable Fire Safety Systems & Commercial Alarms: Flexible, Innovative and Scalable

A robust fire safety strategy is essential for any business; you simply can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your building’s fire system. 

At Johnson Controls, we understand the critical importance of early and reliable fire detection to safeguard your staff, visitors, building, and business in times of emergency.

Customers around the world rely on us daily to ensure their ongoing safety. Building owners and facility managers know they’re in good hands with Johnson Controls, thanks to our market-leading track record and a portfolio of innovative fire safety products.

Superior Fire Detection With Minimal False Alarms

A false alarm costs time and money, so we understand the importance of minimising them. That’s why our commercial fire alarm systems are at the forefront of innovation to deliver superior fire detection and false alarm rejection.

Ergonomic Design

The fire alarm control panels offered by Johnson Controls are designed with key users in mind. They are easy to configure, and their touchscreen user interfaces display the information that users need on system performance quickly and easily.

Commercial Fire Alarm Products

Our commercial fire alarms and fire safety systems are designed to be tailored to your building’s unique needs and specifications. Using our advanced technology, you can build a comprehensive commercial fire alarm system to keep your business, employees, and assets safe.


Discover the Power of Our Fire Engineering Solutions

Our smoke, heat, & gas detectors offer the most robust, reliable, and ergonomic fire detection solutions on the market. 

Designed with key users in mind, our commercial fire alarm control panels feature easy configuration and intuitive touchscreen interfaces that display system performance information quickly and efficiently.

Our commercial fire alarms and safety services are put through the most extensive checks to ensure reliability and performance, so you can rely on Johnson Controls to help keep your facility safe.

Fire Alarm

Get complete, integrated commercial fire alarms and smoke detector solutions.

Using our advanced technology, you can build a comprehensive commercial fire alarm system to keep your business, employees, and assets safe.

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Control Panels Installation and Services

Explore our range of capacities and features to find the right fit for your application.

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Audio Visual Alarm Notification Solutions

Take fire safety in a new direction with game-changing addressable notification technology, compatible with a range of alarms and smoke detectors.

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Network Solutions

Improve command and control with networked technology that brings data to a single location.

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Smoke, Heat and Gas (Carbon Monoxide) Detection Solutions

Smoke and heat detectors; deploy stable technology with quick responses and less frequent nuisance disruptions.

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High-Rise Building Evacuation Alert Systems

Johnson Controls is leading the way with commercial fire alarm and evacuation systems. Take safety in high-rise residential buildings to new heights.

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Smoke and Heat Detection – From yesterday to tomorrow

We have been offering solutions to help protect people and properties for more than 135 years.

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Global Certification & Compliance

We take pride in delivering comprehensive fire safety solutions, and our products hold global certification from many leading authorities, including:

  • VdS
  • LPCB

Our key solutions also meet EN54-13 compliance, offering independent compatibility tests between system components. This compliance extends to a range of our commercial fire alarm products, including heat detectors, smoke detectors, ancillaries, and panels.

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Service Solutions that keep your Fire Detection System fully functional and free from false alarms

A fire detection system is a critical component in safeguarding a building or property against the dangers of fire. To ensure that the system is always functioning properly and complies with all the necessary legal requirements, it is important to have it regularly serviced and maintained by trained professionals. This is where a fire detection system service plan comes into its own.

FD Services

Fire Detection Services

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Get full service including callout charges and free fitting of replacement parts for normal wear and tear

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Standard Plus

Provides the benefits of Standard and includes callout charges

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Provides routine maintenance and access to our callout services, 24 hours a day

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Johnson Controls As a Service – The future of sustainable building performance

Achieve goals, make strategic financial choices, and oversee the setup, maintenance, and connectivity of your building's infrastructure - all at a predictable monthly cost. We provide uninterrupted assistance, month after month, enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations while enjoying the lasting advantages of collaborating with Johnson Controls.

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