Solutions for Life Safety Protection within Marine and Navy Applications

Johnson Controls has unrivalled experience in providing complete life safety and asset integrity services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. We have been passionately committed to protecting life, assets and the environment for more than 120 years.

We help protect 90% of the world’s top fifty marine and oil and gas companies for all types of assets and facilities. From Global navies, tankers, cruise ships, , drill ships, cargo vessels, oil tankers, platform supply vessels to Mega yachts around the world

Johnson Controls has established itself as the leading life safety & asset integrity provider on a truly global scale. Today our heritage brands including Tyco, Skum, Seaplus, Ansul,Macron, Mather + Platt, Simplex, Grinnell, Wormald, Thorn Security, Prestaroy, Rhomax and Spector Lumenex are still very much part of our story.

Global Cruise Ship Solutions

With our unmatched global expertise in cruise efficiency, sustainability, safety, and security, Johnson Controls are the trusted partner for customers seeking tailored solutions to meet their energy efficiency and decarbonisation goals.


Fire Suppression Systems

Johnson Controls have over 100 years specialised marine experience you can trust. We protect vessels at sea and safeguard what matters most – life and assets.

We provide through-life support and maintain vessels globally to ensure fleets are safe, reliable and dependable which is essential for our customers.

Fire suppression solutions that we can provide include dry chemical powder, deck foam, high/low pressure CO2, local area watermist and hi-expansion foam.

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A ship from Blue Star Ferries leaving the dock

Get complete, integrated Marine and Navy solutions from Johnson Controls.

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Deluge Testing

Our unique 5 Year Inspection Test Maintenance (ITM) Deluge Resilience Programme saves clients on average 15%+ by using innovation such as Boroscope inspections and HSE compliant dry testing schedules.

Man laptop woman control panel

Gaseous Based Systems

We are a leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems provider whose track record for providing "long term sustainable" gaseous fire suppression systems is unbeatable.

Jetx foam generator

Water and Foam Systems

With our experience, knowledge, and the industry’s broadest portfolio of foam products, we can help you meet your fire and vapor suppression needs.

Water mist valve system

Watermist Systems

Our High Pressure Watermist systems are recognised as the foremost fire protection solution to meet the specialist needs of the industry.

Red and white ship sailing on the water

Detection and Control Solutions

Johnson Controls offer an extensive range of fire detection solutions to help protect both your assets and crew from the risk of fire.

We combine expertise and experience in design and engineering manufacturing with proven technology to provide customised safety related systems.

Johnson Controls provide fire detection systems that provide a rapid response to all types of fire to reduce major damage and risk to life. Our SIL2 rated detectors provide effective protection whilst minimising unwanted or false alarms.

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Featured Products and Solutions

Ship fitted with valve systems

Fire Detection

Our detection range includes intrinsically safe smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors for use in the most demanding of environments.

Oil rig platform flare stack flame detection

Flame Detection

We can offer flame detection solutions designed specifically to operate in special hazard environments.

Cruise ship with horizon view

Flood Detection

Our flood detection switches are designed for high or low level alarm duties to give a voltage-free contact or solid state transistor output for alarm signalling or as part of a pump control system.

Red and white ship sailing

Fire Protection Network (FPN)

The Fire Protection Network (FPN) is the latest dedicated fire and safety control system that links all fixed fire fighting systems to the ships integrated platform management system.

Emergency Communications

Johnson Controls have more than 35 years industry experience within Public Address General Alarm (PAGA) Systems and an extensive product line of tried and tested proven technological solutions.

Our Spector Lumenex brand offers bespoke designed and engineered, fully monitored voice alarm and evacuation systems that provide solutions for critical life safety audio communications. 

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Cruise ship on the water with the horizon in view

Featured Products and Solutions

Data centers

Public Address General Alarm Systems

The Adaptible Communications Engine (ACE) is a range of PAGA systems that are self-monitoring, highly reliable and flexible.

Ing carrier ship sea

Field Equipment

A complete range of loudspeakers, beacons, acoustic hoods, junction boxes and other essential field equipment.

Gray oil rig sea

Emergency Ex Intercom Systems

The Mentor Intercom System is just one part of a range that offers self-monitoring, highly reliable and flexible solutions that are particularly suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

View sea deck ship

Public Address Voice Alarm Systems

PAVA Systems offer public address and background music facilities for smaller projects in locations such as shopping centres, airports, and university buildings.

Warship anchored near the shore

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Johnson Controls offers a full suite of HVAC and refrigeration services for use in marine applications. Our services range from Design to Maintenance and Equipment overhaul and exchange.

Our HVAC Services department has operated in the North Sea market for over 40 years under the heritage brands Prestaroy, Wormald Engineering, and Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions.

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Featured Products and Solutions

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Specialist HVAC Solutions

Johnson Controls are one of the world's biggest suppliers of HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) solutions for marine and naval applications.

Fire and Life Safety

At Johnson Controls we work closely with various manufacturers to allow us to offer an unrivalled range of fire, safety & lifesaving products that can be used in a marine environment.

With over 17000 products available including Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus & Gas Detection, we offer competitive terms backed by full manufacturers' warranties and service support. 

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Featured Products and Solutions

Metal staircase on oil rig

Anti-Slip Products

We provide aggressive hi-traction safety covers for use on steps, walkways, decks and ladder rungs on offshore oil and gas drilling and production platforms.

Two firefighters wearing chemical suits

Breathing Air Systems

We are the industry's foremost specialist safety service company offering one point of contact for all breathing air service requirements.

Firefighter in protective gear

H2S Breathing Air Services

We are the premuim provider of H2S Safety Services and breathing air systems with ovwer 25 years experience both in the North Sea and other global oil and gas locations.

Workers dressed in chemical suits

Chemical Suits

Our range of chemical suits provide protection against particles, liquid splashes, sprays and electrostatics as well as contamination from radioactive particles.

Man in uniform holding a blue safety helmet in front of a ship

Portable Gas Detection

Johnson Controls offer both single gas and multi-gas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications providing protection for on-board crew and passengers against a wide variety of gas hazards.

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Featured Products and Solutions

Closeup Firefighter lights

Marine and Navy_Fixed Gas Detection

We offer a wide range of fixed gas detecors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases to suit all applications.

Worker climbing down confined space

Portable Multi-Gas

We supply multi-gas monitors for personal use and portable safety applications, providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards.

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Portable Single Gas

Our single-gas monitors are ideal for use in a range of applications, providing protection against industrial gas hazards.

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Photo Ionisation Detectors

Photo Ionisation Detectors (PID) are designed to detect volatile organic compounds (VOC's) suah as benzine, found most commonly within the petrochemical industry.

Industry-specific Solutions From Johnson Controls

Confined Space Management

Our approach to confined space management is simple and is driven by the desire to prevent accidents from occurring. Our experienced on-site managers, supervisors and rescue teams set the benchmark for confined space safety.

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Protective suits and masks with filters for production and construction in store isolated.

Featured Products and Solutions

Worker climbing out confined space

On-Site Management

We have unrivalled experience of providing on-site confined space entry management and support.

Workers discuss construction plans

Supervisors and Safety Observers

Even when you have on-site managers and rescue teams, you may identify a need for additional support and assistance. We can provide this support.

Workers preparing confined space equipment

Rescue Team Management

We can identify specific risks within each confined space on your site and provide you with a bespoke plan tailored to suit your requirements.

Portrait of two male engineers with full body harnesses.

Confined Space Entry Training

Everyone involved in confined space work (Including managers, supervisors, safety observers and entrants) require an awareness and understanding of the confined space regulations.

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