Drive productivity, health and wellness

Johnson Controls can help you streamline costs, improve safety, raise productivity and achieve sustainability goals, all while building healthy environments that serve people for years to come. For better returns, building optimisation can drive value in people, space and building health within the occupant community, while elevating their experiences, well-being and productivity.

Why healthy buildings?

Increase productivity, comfort and well-being
Respond to the live activity, data and the needs of people and environment​ to create a space that is both comfortable and productive.
Optimise indoor environment quality
Improved indoor air quality, occupant productivity, employee engagement and reduced infection risk all keep people healthy and safe.
Smart space utilisation
When you optimise the use of the spaces in your facility, you maximise your resources and provide places that unlock the potential of your people.
Enhance building performance and value
Manage your business health by increasing the value of your building and assets. Turn siloed data into actionable insights to deliver efficiencies through secure uptime and energy savings.
Meet decarbonisation goals
Deliver on your green promise. Achieve carbon neutrality without compromising your building asset performance, while ensuring a healthy, safe environment.

Creating a new class of healthy buildings

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In a post-pandemic world, comfortable, safe facilities drive peace of mind and confidence in their occupants. From increased cognitive ability to better talent retention and higher attendance, we ensure optimum indoor environment quality and safety to boost occupant performance and reduce absenteeism.

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By creating spaces that unlock the full potential of people, resources and investments, you can drive operational efficiency and reduce costs through space optimisation. Data can be leveraged from occupancy sensors and people counters to provide actionable insights to support informed, strategic decisions around space utilisation and hybrid working models.

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Manage your business health through the maintenance of your buildings, making them even more valuable. Premium, healthy buildings are not only good for occupants, they’re good for your business reputation and performance, especially when combined with a culture of well-being.

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It’s possible to achieve carbon neutrality by integrating and upgrading systems for improved efficiency, engineering more sustainable operations, improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. We’ll help you reduce energy waste, streamline sustainability reporting and maximise your return on green investment.

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A Day in the Life of a Healthy Building

Create healthy, safe and inspiring spaces in which people can live, work and collaborate. Watch and learn how we can bring your vision for a Healthy Building to life.


George Oliver, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls

George Oliver, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls

“Organizations can cut costs, improve safety, raise productivity and achieve sustainability goals, all while building healthy environments”

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - Your gateway to optimise utilisation and health of your spaces

Your first step to track, manage and report your building’s and portfolio’s space performance. Measure and understand building utilisation to drive your operational improvements and long term real estate savings.

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The gold standard in world-class sports and entertainment venues

Introducing OpenBlue Pioneer Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fiserv Forum takes the trophy for pioneering the gold standard in world-class sports and entertainment venues. A homecourt advantage for the Milwaukee Bucks and integral in powering an NBA championship, it's an icon of innovation, revitalisation and sustainability. Featuring world-class building automation and security alongside Healthy Buildings solutions, Fiserv Forum delivers unforgettable fan experiences that put comfort and safety first.

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Exterior of the Fiserv Forum building at Milwaukee
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A breath of fresh air – indoor air quality

Johnson Controls indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions unlock the full value of people, resources and investments. We know that 1% of improvement in employee health, well-being and productivity from improved air quality carries a financial impact equivalent to an average building’s annual utility bill.

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The anatomy of a healthy building

We spend most of our lives indoors and we’re working to ensure facilities like yours are safe, healthy and productive spaces to spend that time.

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Explore our Healthy Buildings solutions and services

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

Unlock the performance of your building and provide real-time data visibility across assets, people and processes.

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Monitoring and measuring IAQ

Indoor air quality improvements can lead to measurable results through monitoring presenteeism and productivity. By gathering real-time measurements, your building can work as a dynamic environment and react to current conditions.

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OpenBlue Services

Digitally enabled services that optimise the performance of your equipment to ensure uptime and extended asset life.

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Indoor Air Quality Audits

Get tailored recommendations for improving the health and efficiency of your facility.

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Building automation and controls

Increase efficiency with our next-generation building automation systems that make it possible to extend automated control to every building system - HVAC, lighting, central utility plant, security and detection - on a single platform.

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FM:Systems products and solutions

Finding ways to make buildings more productive, efficient, sustainable and predictive. FM:Systems is now part of Johnson Controls.

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Net Zero Buildings

Net Zero Buildings enables you to meet your net zero carbon and renewable energy goals, increase building performance, and reduce cost. Buildings account for some 40% of global emissions, and we’re uniquely placed to help you pursue your net zero carbon goals.

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Critical environments advisor

The new standard for easy, accurate compliance reporting. Monitor temperature, pressure and humidity for operating theatres, labs, pharma freezers and other critical spaces automatically.

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