SPRAYSAFE Autonomous Fire Suppression

The standalone SPRAYSAFE AFS system is designed to quickly identify and accurately pinpoint the location of a fire and autonomously fight an early-stage fire anywhere within its coverage area. Additionally, the system can effectively contain flashover fires, prevent fires from spreading on the exterior of the façade, and limits severe fire damage at the point of origin.


Provides access to heights out of reach to firefighters.

Rapid Protection

Designed to fight early-stage fires.


Fully programmable and expandable for around-the-clock protection.

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Cladding Replacement Alternative

Cost-effective alternative solution to cladding replacement, offering instantaneous around-the-clock fire protection for the external facade of a building at any height.

Spraysafe Autonomous Fire Suppression system


Quickly detect, pinpoint, and suppress a fire on a building exterior.

  • Fully automated detection and suppression
  • Designed to contain fires on tall buildings

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