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In an emergency situation, detection is only the first step. To save lives, you need to provide effective notification to all occupants.

Sounders are considered as the most important of all alarm devices. It is a mandatory requirement that sounders are used as an integral part of a fire detection and alarm system.

Visual Alrm Devices (VADs) are used to supplement standard sounders to provide an effective means of alerting and evacuating occupants of the building as part of its fire safety strategy.

Regulations and codes of practices recommend that VADs should be installed in places where audible devices alone would be ineffective, or where they are simply undesirable.

Installation of VADs has been mandatory since January 2014 and, with the introduction
of EN54-23, the use of VADs has grown considerably.

Visual Indication devices (VIDs) are generally used as a supplementary indication to raise situational awareness. However, when an event occurs, they cannot be used as the only means to alert people to a potential fire hazard.

Our notification appliances and sounders alert occupants to danger and help them evacuate quickly and safely.


Reliable and efficient solutions.

Easily Maintained

Revolutionary self-testing capabilities help save time, and improve safety.

Range of Options

Devices for new installations or retrofits.

Addressable Fire Alarm Devices

Our full line of addressable appliances support constant electronic supervision and feature revolutionary self-testing capability to help ensure they work when needed, make code compliance easy, and eliminate tedious, disruptive, and costly manual testing.

Conventional Fire Alarm Devices

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Fire Control Panel Ergonomics

Applying good ergonomic practice to products, such as fire control panels, strips out complexity from the user experience, making the systems easier, safer and more efficient to use. Combining an ergonomic user interface with an enhanced operating system and software capability makes this technology more accessible to a wider user base, which in turn meets the changing needs of system designers, integrators and end users.

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Notification Reinvented

Our ZETTLER and FireClass visual alarm and indication devices are one of the most significant developments in the life-safety industry. Learn how it has revolutionized system design and testing, helping to save lives, time, and money.

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Learn How Visual Alarm Devices Can Enable Effective Alerting and Evacuation

It is a mandatory requirement for sounders to be used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system, as they are considered the most important element of all alarm devices. Visual Alarm Devices are used to supplement sounders, providing an effective means of alerting and evacuating occupants of the building, as part of its fire safety strategy.

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