Sustainable operations

Transfer the risk of building operations

See returns on your efficiency investments

Is your building optimized for efficiency, but operated within standard parameters and a set-it-forget-it mentality?

Ensure you see the benefits of your efficient infrastructure with a solution that leverages the deep industry knowledge of Johnson Controls. Our sustainable operations solutions allow you to transfer the risk of your investments, providing financial certainty and a predictable outcome.

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

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Powering the blueprint of the future for sustainable hospitals

Humber River Health is North America’s first fully digital hospital with advanced information technology applied and integrated into patient care. Through a 30-year contract, Johnson Controls has contributed to Humber’s technology design and implementation and now supports operations and maintenance for the hospital.

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Benefits of transferring the risk of building operations

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Achieve sustainability commitments

An increased reporting capability and a continuous eye on facility improvement helps you achieve accreditation to the environmental programs that you aspire to.

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Guaranteed hand-back

Project agreement obligation requires that the asset is returned at the end of the contract term with a guaranteed hand-back condition. This ensures there is plenty of useful life remaining in the building and systems.

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Avoid deferred maintenance scenarios

Zero deferred maintenance is the new reality, as planned investments will take place across the concession term and are paid for in monthly service payments.

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Improve cost-effectiveness

Benefit from innovation, experience and flexibility. Use savings to fund other projects.

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Enjoy fixed-cost certainty

Services are provided at a predictable cost, as set out in contract agreements.

First steps to net zero

Taking the first steps toward building performance optimization can be hard: where to start, what to avoid, how to invest? Understand the first steps to net zero or get in touch to discuss your options, and how we can work with you to develop a clear plan and a roadmap to sustainability.

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Energy efficiency

Our leading energy-saving solutions provide innovative approaches to today’s most challenging infrastructure problems. Help shape a smarter, more resilient future with digital solutions, more efficient builds, energy retrofits and innovative programs that keep facility power use well-managed and upgrades within financial reach.

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Renewable Solutions

Operations leaders striving for carbon reduction, cost savings, and energy resiliency for their buildings will achieve these with Johnson Controls Renewable Solutions. We start by designing an end-to end strategy that supports your facility’s unique needs and goals and then work with you to implement proven solutions.

Sustainable operations insights

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Reach out to us to take your next step towards net zero.