Fire Alarm Panels

Essential for a working fire alarm system, fire alarm panels are at the heart of keeping your business building safe.

Our world-class fire alarm panels are intelligent, configurable, and expandable, meeting a wide range of customer and building needs. With rapid response to any fire signs, such as smoke, heat or flame, your fire alarm panel from Johnson Controls will work efficiently to alert personnel and keep occupants safe.

Next-Generation Fire Alarm Panels

At Johnson Controls, we have built up a reputation for offering fire alarm panels that are both intelligent and robust; our fire alarm panels are designed to meet all levels of needs with next-generation technology and capability for expansion.


All our fire alarm panels incorporate next-generation technology that is both robust and cost-effective.

Architecturally Designed And Aesthetically Pleasing

Our fire alarm panels incorporate modern TFT colour touchscreens that don’t just look great but are easy to use, too. With sleek aesthetics, various mounting options and a state-of-the-art design, our fire alarm panels look great in any environment, whether in a private office, a public foyer, or a reception area.

Advanced Usability

Our fire alarm panels have been designed with the user in mind. The intelligent user interface built into our fire alarm panel provides the user with an ergonomic icon display and easy-to-see status LEDs, allowing the user to see an event summary in one simple click.

Easy To Install

From efficient commissioning and an intuitive interface, all our fire alarm control panels have been designed for easy and cost-effective installation.

Reduced Lifetime Costs

To help reduce the total cost of ownership, our fire alarm panels provide several functions aimed at increasing flexibility, not only at the initial install phase but also throughout the complete lifetime of the system.

The backwards compatibility of our systems means that you don’t need to upgrade entire systems; environments can benefit from the ability to position repeaters anywhere around your building.


Our addressable fire alarm panels can pinpoint the source of a fire, alert, trouble, or other system events while offering a modular design and an intuitive interface - features that make them easier to install, more reliable, and easier to manage and maintain.

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PROFILE Flexible and PROFILE Lite Control Panels

The ZETTLER range of addressable panels provides a perfect fit for all sizes of systems, from a single panel to a multi-network fire alarm system.

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Conventional Control Panels

Our conventional fire alarm panels are easy to install, configurable, cost-effective, and meet a variety of customer and building needs.

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Open or closed protocol? Making an informed choice

We know that understanding open and closed protocol is not an open and shut case. These terms are among the most misunderstood in the industry. This leads to confusion and problems that can lead to dissatisfaction with your fire detection system. This brochure is designed to give you a clear, accessible way of understanding what they are and why they are important.

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Notification Reinvented

Our ZETTLER and FireClass visual alarm and indication devices are among the most significant developments in the life-safety industry. Learn how it has revolutionised system design and testing, helping to save lives, time, and money.
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Fire Control Panel Ergonomics

Applying good ergonomic practice to products, such as fire control panels, strips out complexity from the user experience, making the systems easier, safer and more efficient to use. Combining an ergonomic user interface with an enhanced operating system and software capability makes this technology more accessible to a wider user base, which in turn meets the changing needs of system designers, integrators and end users.

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