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Older buildings and equipment need more servicing. The skills and expertise available to you wane as a workforce ages, leaving you struggling to find talent with the necessary experience. At the same time, manual systems for gathering data and managing service tickets lead to inefficiencies and budget pressures. You need easy-to use systems that streamline workflow.

Reframe your outlook with Johnson Controls and your equipment performance goals become more achievable. Advance operational efficiency through proactive management of equipment performance and optimisation of maintenance services with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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24/7 equipment performance monitoring and alarm management

OpenBlue Enterprise Managers enables the gathering of data from disparate sources to understand building equipment performance. With access to an active dashboard, 24/7 data monitoring and live reporting you can easily identify building performance gaps and savings opportunities. By ingesting BMS and equipment alarms, we can prioritise and route notifications. and make it easy to create and share operational and compliance reports to help you meet building certification norms.

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Proactive and predictive maintenance with actionable insights reduces downtime

Automated fault detection and diagnostics identify current and potential faults affecting equipment performance, energy and comfort, this avoids energy and maintenance cost overruns. Augment staff capacity and speed of response to faults and security incidents with 2D and 3D graphics, diagnostics and proactive work orders, command and control capabilities enable remote setpoint overrides to optimise performance.

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Unified operating center to optimise maintenance resource pool and incident response time

Effectively manage your operations and building assets through a unified and remote command centre. Translate BIM files to 3D interactive digital twins for advanced monitoring. With this your team can easily configure and manage building and equipment operating schedules, and define and manage workflows for standard operating procedures. Save time by validating alarm conditions before dispatch and providing accurate response action with remote monitoring and connection to live and recorded video streams.

Track, manage and report your building’s and portfolio’s space performance

 Understand the performance of your building equipment by gathering data from disparate sources, turning siloed data into actionable insights. From HVAC, elevators, lighting and beyond to baseline and set achievable goals.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

 OpenBlue Enterprise Manager gathers and analyses building data to assess its environmental health and building systems efficiency. It flags critical issues for action and provides recommendations to improve energy efficiency, optimize space use and health, and equipment performance.  

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Equipment Performance Advisor

 Kick-start smart equipment and facility management Identify, diagnose and prioritise equipment problems, plan timely actions on issue fixes.
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Equipment Performance Advisor Plus

 A comprehensive solution for enhanced equipment performance Improve profitability with an optimal asset management system that enables equipment performance, extends asset life, and reduces downtime and service costs.
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Vector image depicting Equipment Performance Advisor Plus solution provided by Enterprise Manager

Insights on Operational, Efficiency & Equipment Performance

Children’s of Alabama - Birmingham Alabama, USA

Powering the blueprint of the future for sustainable hospital
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One A major hyper-scale data centre provider Sydney, Australia ​

 Powering the blueprint of the future for sustainable data centres
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Energy, Efficiency & Sustainability

Discover digital solutions that accelerate your carbon reduction progress by tracking, reducing, and controlling your energy use with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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Space Wellbeing & Productivity

Your gateway to optimising the utilisation and health of your spaces with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

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OpenBlue Services

Flexible, digitally enabled services that scale to your building, operating style and budget.


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Performance Advisory

Get the most out of OpenBlue Enterprise Manager with expert insights and support to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and savings with this add-on service.

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