Justice and Prisons

Supporting Correctional Facility Efforts for Total Security

Security is mission critical in correctional facilities. Robust infrastructure and a broad range of systems and sensors such as Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Fire Alarms are all essential. Information from all of these sources needs to be collated in order to secure employees, gain situational awareness, and maintain reliable management capabilities.

Our years of experience with Integrated Solutions allow us to tailor our approach in developing Justice Facility security systems that suit your specific needs. These solutions provide holistic correctional facility protection for detention centers, prisons and correctional facility authorities to protect employees, log and analyse incidents, track inmates, and prevent violence and illegal activities.

Comprehensive Prison Management Solutions

Our Intelligent Software solutions enable the centralisation of diverse systems, which analyse imported information to provide situational intelligence and support decision processes. Intelligent Business Logic Engines automate actions and enforce policies and procedures while a fully audited workflow process guides operators/users. Whilst leveraging your existing security infrastructure, we are able to integrate:

  • Security and Cell Management systems
  • Gas Suppression systems
  • Fire Detection and Emergency Communication systems
  • Paging, GSM detection, and staff alarm
  • CCTV, intercom, and Access Control

Electronic Monitoring

There are two types of monitoring: during detention phase and before/after detention phase. We offer the possibility to monitor detainees during either one of the phases or as a combination of both.


Inmate Tracking

A tracking and headcount management system provides real-time identification, location and status of inmates and staff both in and outdoors. As a result, you will benefit from enhanced facility safety, improved staff productivity, and operational cost effectiveness. Based and operating on the same platform as electronic monitoring, inmate tracking provides:

  • Notification of inmates too close to unauthorized areas (including prison fence)
  • Identification and location of inmate tampering with his/her RFID device
  • Alerts of missing inmate, directed to officers and guards
  • Immediate detection and response to the precise location of attempted escapes
  • Ability to act as an “electronic fence” to deter movement

Command and Control Center

Fitted with a robust screen, speakers, and cameras, we provide command and control centers that incorporate sound and video, allowing you to manage CCTV and Access Control alarms while seamlessly integrating your other fire and security systems. This vandal-proof system is designed to counter aggression in police cells and manage misbehavior.

Why Johnson Controls for Correctional Facilities?

We build additional layers of innovative, proactive, and in-depth security to your existing infrastructure to increase usability and effectiveness. By maintaining your existing investments, we are able to:

  • Help you save costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance officer and inmate safety

Our detention facility security systems meet increased industry-specific compliance requirements and are designed to deter disruptive events in common areas.

Johnson Controls Helps Create Secure Environments That Meet the Needs of Prison Facilities

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