Fire And Heat Detector Products That Stand Above The Rest

Sensors like flame, CO and heat detectors, along with rapid initiating devices, are the first line of defence in protecting people, buildings, and assets — and our products stand above the rest.  Their addressable technology enables individualised testing and makes problem isolation and remediation easier.

Our sensors are renowned for their stability and customisable performance, with a rapid response to quickly and effectively filter out false alarms. What's more, they're designed with flexibility in mind — you can easily detach them for maintenance and reposition them elsewhere in your building as your business needs change.

At Johnson Controls, we have a reputation for being innovation leaders. One reason we have this reputation is our fire and heat detector technology is constantly being enhanced in order to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for the varied challenges they encounter. Throughout our long history, we have perfected the capabilities, intelligence, and technology inside our detectors to improve safety in even the most complex of environments.

Leading innovation

Every year, Johnson Controls invests millions of pounds and countless hours to develop new technologies like heat detectors that help safeguard lives, property, and the environment. These advancements stem directly from our deep understanding of our customers' industries, along with the specific challenges and opportunities they face.

Research and revolution

Backed by our cutting-edge research and development facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing platforms worldwide, our solutions, including life-saving fire and heat detectors, offer our customers unparalleled value, performance, and sustainability.

Customer focus

Johnson Controls prides itself on an ongoing commitment to integrating invaluable insight from its customers, changes in the environment, and people who use and interact with our products, ensuring we are always evolving our product innovations to suit their needs. We work with our customers to achieve their safety and business goals by finding smarter ways to protect where people live and work - a promise we have delivered on for more than 60 years.

Performance and Reliability

We understand that a fire and heat detector system is crucial to the safety and protection of a building or environment at all times. People rely on this system daily to help keep them safe and alert them at the earliest possible signs of danger. Our fire detectors have been developed to ensure optimum detection performance and reliability to provide false alarm resilience at all times and provide a fast response to threats of fire.

Multi-Pronged Safety

In the real world, false alarms happen — but they can be costly and disruptive. By using our range of world-class sensors like optical, carbon monoxide and heat detectors together, you can protect against potential false alarms to keep your occupants safe without impacting productivity.

Life-Saving Technologies At A Glance

At Johnson Controls, we offer a diverse range of fire detection devices tailored to meet the varied safety requirements of different environments. Here's a snapshot of some of our leading products and their primary functionalities:

  • Optical Sensors: These detectors pick up visible smoke particles using light, rapidly responding to smouldering fires that produce a lot of smoke. 
  • Carbon Monoxide Fire Sensors: CO detectors monitor for the presence of carbon monoxide, a by-product of fires.
  • Heat Detectors: These sensors respond to sudden increases in temperature or when a pre-defined threshold is met. A heat detector is ideal for areas where optical sensors may produce a false alarm, like kitchens or garages.
  • Call Points: Manual callpoints allow occupants to raise the alarm in the event of a fire and are often installed near exits or in corridors for easy access and rapid activation.

Addressable Sensors and Initiating Devices

The first line of defense in fire detection.

Conventional Call Points

The workhorses of fire detection - point sensors, bases, and callpoints let you design a system tailored to a facility and its needs.

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Fire Control Panel Ergonomics

Applying good ergonomic practice to products, such as fire control panels, strips out complexity from the user experience, making the systems easier, safer and more efficient to use. Combining an ergonomic user interface with an enhanced operating system and software capability makes this technology more accessible to a wider user base, which in turn meets the changing needs of system designers, integrators and end users.

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Notification Reinvented

The visual alarm and indication devices from ZETTLER and FireClass represent a ground-breaking advancement in the life-safety sector. Discover how these innovations have transformed the approach to system design and testing, enhancing safety while also saving valuable time and resources.

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Learn How Visual Alarm Devices Can Enable Effective Alerting and Evacuation

It is a mandatory requirement for sounders to be used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system, as they are considered the most important element of all alarm devices. Visual Alarm Devices are used to supplement sounders, providing an effective means of alerting and evacuating occupants of the building, as part of its fire safety strategy.

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