Industrial and Manufacturing

Facing Challenges in Highly Competitive Industrial and Manufacturing Industry

Security, efficiency, and business continuity have always been critically important in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Having the right solutions in place would ensure operational resilience and competitive success in globalized and changing markets.

Competition is high in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry (I&M). Manufacturers increasingly rely on foreign markets for raw materials, components, equipment, and labor as a way to reduce their own inventory levels and costs. At the same time, industrial producers face the challenges of high production rates, just-in-time schedules, and highly sensitive machinery. All industrial and manufacturing operations, in today’s highly competitive global network are dealing with much greater complexity and a much smaller margin of error. Operational resilience depends more than ever on reliable technology, as well as robust safety and security systems on site.

Create Smarted and Efficient Facilities

Whether an industrial and manufacturing enterprise is 100 years old and in need of an “update” or just getting started as a company⁠—smart technology is the key to delivering fully connected, operationally efficient, safe, and profitable industrial and manufacturing processes. To help our customers construct smarter and more efficient facilities, Johnson Controls offers its expertise from the concept and design phase, all the way through to installation. Our full lifecycle solutions also help companies to lower costs without sacrificing quality production.

By reducing costs and improving your facilities' efficiency, you gain smoother operations and higher net results. In growing markets of expanding needs and demands, our commitment is to offer you high-end solutions and services suited to your specific needs, enabling your company to run smarter, with better-performing facilities.

Minimise Risks and Maximise Profits

Our solutions increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and compress timelines:

  • Security and property protection to keep employees and assets safe, and to ensure uninterrupted production processes that run 24/7
  • Fast processing of all goods with very short time-to-market terms
  • Minimizing risks during the production of hazardous goods
  • Mitigating the risk of theft by personnel and (organized) external individuals
  • Safe and fluid logistics, internally and externally
  • Minimizing the use of energy, thereby reducing cost and increasing profitability
  • Decreasing the environmental footprint

Future-ready Solutions and Services

The future is being built today and we are ensuring it is more productive, secure, and sustainable. Johnson Controls designs intelligent facilities, energy-efficient solutions, integrated infrastructure, and security solutions that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.

The merger of Johnson Controls and Tyco has established an industry leader with 130+ years of experience, serving customers in more than 150 countries and in all areas of the commercial and public sector. Our unrivaled spectrum of innovative products is complemented with expertise in installation, service, and systems integration. Customers benefit from our wide range of solutions and products⁠—a one-stop-shop for the entire lifecycle of their buildings and facilities. Critical infrastructure facilities are dependent on both reliable installations as well as safe and secure buildings and perimeters, indoors and outdoors.

Johnson Controls Create Safer Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

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Johnson Controls As a Service – The future of sustainable building performance

Achieve goals, make strategic financial choices, and oversee the setup, maintenance, and connectivity of your building's infrastructure - all at a predictable monthly cost. We provide uninterrupted assistance, month after month, enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations while enjoying the lasting advantages of collaborating with Johnson Controls.

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