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Nurse Call Systems have a vital role to play in care homes.  When every second can make a difference, Nurse Call Systems not only need to be fast and accurate, but they also need to be 100% reliable. Both care givers and patients can easily and quickly generate and react to alerts, thereby keeping everyone safe and informed.

Johnson Controls understand these needs well and have used our wealth of experience in the sector to design a range of solutions that cater for this critical area of patient care. Contact us to see how we can help you with your staff attack requirements.

Our fully integrated, unobtrusive, portable infra-red transmitters units have been carefully designed to be lightweight and robust. Created to suit the curvature of the hand, they have large, bright, tactile buttons to facilitate easy operation.

Our 'double push' operation panic switches satisfy police response requirements allowing emergency services to respond to serious situations. When tugged away from the holder to raise an 'attack' alert, the device does not detach from the unit completely, but remains with the person for added safety. The trigger unit initiates a reassurance signal when the transmitter’s test facility button is pressed and battery strength is recorded. Triggers can be recharged with a charger unit when necessary.

The triggers work in conjunction with ceiling-mounted infrared receivers, which provide excellent reception capabilities. The range of receivers can be installed into almost all environments. An integral light on each receiver quickly and easily identifies receivers that have been activated by an alarm call.

Key Solution Features:

  • Portable triggers (Lightweight, robust and discreet)
    Exact call location provided
    Two different levels of alarm available
    Integral battery test facility to provide quick ressurance
    Long-life rechargeable battery
    Non-detachable belt holder
    Fast recharge
Exterior of the Belfast City Hospital building

Acute Mental Health Inpatient Centre, Belfast City Hospital

One of our proudest successes is at Belfast Mental Health hospital. We can say that in simple terms, the solution is probably the safest system of its kind in the UK at present.

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