Optimising Chiller Performance with OpenBlue

By checking in regularly with your connected chiller dashboard, you can stay right up to date with the operational health of the chillers that are so critical to your business.

With your chillers fully operational, you’ll be driving towards your sustainability goals by significantly reducing operating and energy costs, all while maintaining occupancy comfort.

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Tour your dashboard

New to our Connected Chiller Dashboard? Take a guided tour to learn how to take advantage of all its features.

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Take a look at our range of connected chillers and find out how effective they are in today’s building landscape.

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Optimising Chiller Performance to help reduce your energy costs and meet your sustainability goals

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Simplify monitoring and managing your chillers

You can eliminate manual checks while your dashboard with chiller performance index will give you

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Focus on individual chillers

You can monitor the performance of individual chillers for up to 12 months

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Identify operational issues

With accurate chiller performance data, you’ll diagnose issues more easily and service calls will be more efficient and cost-effective

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Two-way access to data for faster diagnosis

As both you and Johnson Controls can see your chiller performance data, diagnostics and service will be faster and more accurate

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