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As policymakers zone in on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and sustainability, striking the balance between healthy, safe buildings and a reduced carbon footprint has become even more critical. Johnson Controls supports and collaborates with code bodies around the world to develop standards for healthier, safer buildings. That experience makes us an ideal partner to help you understand and meet regulatory requirements — and your go-to source for thought leadership and solutions.


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The groundwork is being laid for new IAQ and sustainability policies across the globe. For example, the European Union is considering new mandates, implementation timetables, and reporting requirements. The United Kingdom Parliament is working through a bill that seeks to improve air quality and recognize the right to breathe clean air. The ICC is a key resource for staying up to date on the latest code updates.

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According to new ventilation guidelines for the United States from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), different intervention strategies offer low to no initial costs and only incremental energy usage.

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Johnson Controls works closely with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers), a global society dedicated to safety and sustainability in built environments and the goal of advancing human well-being. ASHRAE is developing a national pathogen mitigation standard that aims to guide building owners on implementing clean air measures.

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OpenBlue Innovation Centres

Introducing eight new OpenBlue Innovation Centres located around the world. Each centre embodies our approach of building dynamic and resilient spaces that are smart, healthy, and sustainable.

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OpenBlue Pioneers

Pioneers are visionaries with a deep understanding of the potential of digital transformation. These are the companies with the courage to transform and future-proof their built environments to smart, healthy, and sustainable spaces.

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

Unlock the performance of your building and provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes.

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OpenBlue Services

Digitally enabled services that optimise the performance of your equipment to ensure uptime and extended asset life.

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