Take the legwork and guesswork out of system and risk management

Your security infrastructure keeps your people, assets and premises safe. Imagine the risk your organisation could be exposed to if any of your access control or video monitoring devices failed or were compromised – especially if it went undetected. OpenBlue Services helps ensure your security devices are performing at their best.

Connecting your access control and video systems to OpenBlue allows skilled Johnson Controls engineers to monitor and analyse the health of your systems. We detect if devices fail, or are beginning to degrade and take proactive, corrective action.

Operational, compliant and cybersecure devices

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Increase System Uptime and Reliability

A high-performing, fully operational security system protects employees and operations against safety, financial, reputational, and cybersecurity threats. Monitoring and real-time trend analysis detect and predict potential failures, allowing repairs to be made quickly and efficiently. Your team can focus on protecting your people and facility — not on maintaining your systems.

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Simplify Device Lifecycle Management

We’ll help you keep your security systems in top working order, keeping building occupants safer. By managing patches and software updates, we’ll maintain compliance in your cybersecurity and system performance, all without the need for you to invest in additional resources.

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Fortify Cybersecurity and Manage Risk

Zero-trust cybersecurity architecture protects, connects and centrally manages access to your security devices while working in harmony with your existing network infrastructure. By supplementing your existing protections, we can integrate stronger, more centralised security into your existing strategy.

Learn how to maximise the value of your security investments

Advanced building safety and proactive support

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Let us show you how OpenBlue Services can help manage the lifecycle of your security devices.

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