Energy Solutions

Intelligent Energy Procurement & Smart Metering

Providing Effective Management of Energy Portfolios

The Johnson Controls energy services team offers a wealth of experience when it comes to managing your energy usage.

We can provide intelligent energy procurement allowing your organisation to purchase low-cost green energy, whilst at the same time providing a range of energy reporting, bill validation, tenant recharging, forensic analysis and energy compliance services.

Together with these services, we also offer specialist help in assisting clients to implement cost-effective energy metering solutions. Whether these solutions involve sub-metering upgrades, comprehensive metering system installations, or automated meter readings, Johnson Controls can provide state-of-the-art technology and software to help you effectively manage your energy usage, and strive towards keeping costly bills to a minimum.

Total Energy Management
Through our integrated energy management services, we provide significant savings that go beyond traditional energy management and instead delivers Total Energy Management. 

The ability to be in complete control of your energy portfolio supplier, and your energy metering architecture, whilst at the same time benefitting from our effective energy reporting and validation services, can provide your organisation with a step up in your journey towards meeting your Net Zero targets.

Time is running out to register for ESOS Phase 3 | Johnson Controls

Time is running out to register for the UK Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment program for UK organisations. Companies eligible for the scheme must have registered an account on the government's portal by 5 June, 2024 and energy compliance audits must be submitted by 6 August, 2024. Johnson Controls' energy specialists are here to help you meet both deadlines.

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Energy Solutions

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Johnson Controls As a Service – The future of sustainable building performance

Achieve goals, make strategic financial choices, and oversee the setup, maintenance, and connectivity of your building's infrastructure - all at a predictable monthly cost. We provide uninterrupted assistance, month after month, enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations while enjoying the lasting advantages of collaborating with Johnson Controls.

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Heat Pumps

Learn how to reduce your energy costs and drive towards net zero targets with award-winning commercial heat pump solutions from Johnson Controls. Our heat pumps harness air source and water source renewable energy resources to provide low-cost, clean heating.

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Decarbonisation Services

Johnson Controls can offer practical solutions to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainable growth targets while optimising their energy consumption.

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OpenBlue is a complete suite of connected solutions that provides a proven path to hitting Net Zero energy goals whilst also optimising the performance of your building. 

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