Put A Stop To Vaping In Your School Today

Vaping and Smoking Detection for Schools and Universities

Johnson Controls can install and supply the world's number one vape detector solution, the HALO Smart Sensor. This effective deterrent to anti-social activities such as vaping, vaping with THC, and smoking is already protecting schools and universities around the globe.

This system is ideally suited to areas of privacy such as bathrooms, toilets and locker rooms where conventional video cameras cannot be used.


HALO provides instant alerts so security and staff can quickly identify the location of an incident and can address the issue, thereby helping to protect students, teachers, and school property.

The HALO Smart Sensor does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII), but instead simply alerts staff of the incident in real-time.

Working together to safeguard children in schools

Installing the HALO Smart Sensor can help demonstrate to OFSTED that your school is taking additional measures to maximise the safeguarding of children by providing safe bathroom and changing areas.

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Keeping Students Safe

Schools are expected to be safe places for our children, but with nicotine and substance abuse on the rise, an increasing number of students feel uncomfortable walking into their own school bathrooms as they do not know what situation they may be faced with.

The HALO Smart Sensor is designed to protect students both inside bathrooms and out.

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What HALO customers are saying

“Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counselling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it. Finding the right technology and integrator partner is crucial to implementing a successful solution and we were fortunate to have found both. CVCHS was able to make the campus safer by preventing a physical fight, while also getting students to help overcome their challenges all with one powerful device. There are no other products out there that offer what HALO does – a complete solution for vape detection and security.”

SUNNY SHERGILL: Special Projects Manager, Clayton Valley Charter High School.

Johnson Controls helps create Quality Learning Environments

With 130 years of innovation behind us, our end-to-end delivery from consultation to client handover, ensure we can be your trusted partner to deliver on all your schools' safety and security requirements.

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Fire Detection

At Johnson Controls, we believe that the importance of early, reliable fire detection cannot be overstated and that the threat of false alarms must be carefully managed.

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Fire Suppression

In the event of a fire, the safety and protection of people, property and assets depends on the effectiveness of the building's fire suppression system.

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Johnson Controls offer a portfolio of solutions that help to reduce building costs and maximise air quality for both students and staff.

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We offer state-of-the-art Access Control, Intruder, and Video Surveillance (CCTV) systems and solutions to keep your students, your staff, and your assets safe.

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Johnson Controls As a Service – The future of sustainable building performance

Achieve goals, make strategic financial choices, and oversee the setup, maintenance, and connectivity of your building's infrastructure - all at a predictable monthly cost. We provide uninterrupted assistance, month after month, enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations while enjoying the lasting advantages of collaborating with Johnson Controls.

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