Enabling Safer, Smarter and More Resilient Critical Infrastructures

Critical infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, security and health. We know it as the power we use in our homes, the water we drink, the transportation that moves us, and the communication systems on which we rely.

As urbanisation, globalisation and the interdependence of physical and digital infrastructure impact our society and economy, infrastructure that is secure, functioning, sustainable and resilient is crucial to keeping our world going.

Functionality and Safety

Critical infrastructure enterprises often require the entire range of building services and security options to ensure the functionality and safety of their assets and the world around them. At the same time, competitive pressure pushes companies to reduce costs and optimise processes. This is where Johnson Controls comes in. We address the barriers to success – from eliminating downtime to improving workplace environment and safety – while connecting everything through comprehensive building management.

Maintaining operations at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability is critical for all enterprises keeping our society running. Johnson Controls provides technology solutions that improve employee and user satisfaction and security, whilst enhancing business operations. All areas of those enterprises are especially vulnerable to a range of criminal activities such as industrial espionage, vandalism, organised crime, cyber-crime and terrorism, natural disasters, and the unfortunate consequences of human error or technical malfunction.

Protection and Building Management

While we cannot prevent all forms of damage or disruption of processes to critical infrastructure, a competent level of protection and building management can help limit the detrimental effects.

Critical infrastructure includes the following areas:

  • Power and utilities
  • Public/mass transportation
  • Government buildings
  • Banking and finance
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical production
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Military and defense

An Unrivaled Spectrum of Solutions and Services

The merger of Johnson Controls and Tyco has established an industry leader with 130+ years of experience serving customers in more than 150 countries and in all areas of the commercial and public sector. Our unrivaled spectrum of innovative products is complemented with expertise in installation, service and systems integration. Customers benefit from our wide range of solutions and products – a one-stop-shop for the entire lifecycle of their buildings and facilities. Critical infrastructure facilities are dependent on both reliable installations as well as safe and secure buildings and perimeters, indoors and outdoors.

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We enable safer, smarter and more resilient critical infrastructures.

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Johnson Controls As a Service – The future of sustainable building performance

Achieve goals, make strategic financial choices, and oversee the setup, maintenance, and connectivity of your building's infrastructure - all at a predictable monthly cost. We provide uninterrupted assistance, month after month, enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations while enjoying the lasting advantages of collaborating with Johnson Controls.

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