York Process Systems

With decades of experience, YORK® refrigeration provides industrial refrigeration that you can rely on. YORK® Process Systems offer refrigeration and gas compression solutions for many of the different critical applications used in today’s energy, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets.

We specialise in providing in-depth experience and engineering high-performance equipment. Modern manufacturing techniques are employed to successfully meet the challenges of almost any specialised application.

Our systems work behind scenes to meet exceptional demands that you can rely on for critical processes. They keep the natural gas moving through pipelines and industrial process equipment working smoothly.

Refrigeration and Gas Compression Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

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Chemical Petrochemical

For companies involved in the manufacturing of organic and inorganic chemicals, pigments, plastics, fibres, agricultural chemicals, and chlorine, YORK® Process Systems provides fully customised refrigeration systems as well as standard chiller products.

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Oil and Gas Processing, Transportation, and Storage

For companies that specialise in drilling, refining, fractionation, NGL extraction, and natural gas storage/transmission, YORK® Process Systems makes it easier to handle overheads compression, wellhead injection, dew point control liquid production with utmost reliability and support.

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Industrial Gases

For companies focused on air separation, hydrogen plants and CO2 recovery, YORK® Process Systems provides custom refrigeration and gas compression systems.

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Power Generation

For companies that generate electricity by using gas-fired combustion turbines, YORK® Process Systems provides fuel gas booster and turbine compression inlet air cooling systems.

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Carbon Capture

For companies involved in the design and construction of systems that capture and control CO2 emissions in power generation and enhanced oil recovery, YORK® Process Systems provides the essential refrigeration and compression for post combustion, pre-combustion, and oxy-fuel combustion systems

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For companies that manufacture, fabricate or process drugs in pharmaceutical preparations, YORK® Process Systems provides fully customised refrigeration systems and standard chiller products.

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Climatic Test Chambers

With a wide range of low temperature automotive and military applications for simulation of low ambient and/or high altitude conditions, YORK® Process Systems provides fully customised refrigeration systems and standard chiller products, including two stage, multistage, and cascade systems

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