Ensure the Highest Level of Food Quality and Safety

For over 100 years, PENN controls have helped customers with their HVACR applications with a full portfolio of temperature, pressure and humidity controls. Commercial refrigeration applications range from display cases and food service equipment to food storage rooms and processing equipment. PENN controls also preserve dairy and agricultural products, as well as the pharmaceutical cold chain.

To meet the latest food safety standards, PENN leverages emerging technologies such as IoT for real-time data to optimize commercial refrigeration system efficiency and reliability. Smart electronic refrigeration controllers improve system efficiency, provide application flexibility and network integration and, are easy to install and operate. 

Keeping Your Business & Your Customers Safe

Maximise equipment up-time and ensure the highest level of food quality and food safety.  Rely on precision engineering, heavy-duty construction, ongoing support - and a century of expertise - with dependable PENN® control commercial refrigeration products.




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