Indoor Air Quality and Disinfection

Combat bioaerosols for a healthier building

A safe, effective method

Bioaerosols such as viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi can have serious health effects if allowed to accumulate within a building. Johnson Controls takes this into account, adding disinfection technology to a building’s HVAC system. We leverage Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to create areas that perform like disinfection zones, inactivating the microbes in the air stream as they pass through it and providing occupants with safer, cleaner air.

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IAQ and Disinfection Insights

Myths and misconceptions about clean air

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AHU Mounted UVGI

UVGI can be implemented by installing a series of lights within the air handling unit (AHU). All the air circulating within the facility is treated at a single point. This simplifies both installation and maintenance, as all UVGI equipment is in one central location.

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AHU Coil Surface Disinfection

UVGI can also be used within AHUs to eliminate mould and bacteria buildup (or biofilm) on the cooling coil and in the condensate water drip pan. If allowed to accumulate, biofilm releases potentially harmful bacteria and fungi spores into the AHU airstream and hardens to block the spaces between the cooling coils, restricting air flow and increasing energy consumption.

A graphic of an air handling unit for above-ceiling disinfection

Above Ceiling Disinfection

If the AHU based approach is not possible and there is sufficient room in the ceiling cavity, UV disinfection equipment can be integrated with the ductwork above the space. This adaptable approach can provide targeted disinfection for specific spaces like patient waiting rooms, classrooms, and areas with high humidity.

A diagram of an above-ceiling UVGI system

Above Ceiling Disinfection

This approach can include ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or portable UVGI units. These units use fans to pull air in from the room, disinfect it, and recirculate it. This approach is common where the ceiling cavity is not large enough to accommodate disinfection or where supplemental disinfection is needed to clean areas with especially dense contamination.

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